As part of a GMM group company, Techni Waterjet can count on a solid sales and service network to support the expansion of the waterjet technology especially in the Europe market. The Intec-G2 series are machines specifically engineered for the Stone industry, robust, reliable and efficient, at very reasonable price point.

GMM Techni Waterjet Intec-G2 Series

Steve Murphy, Founder and MD of Planet Granite (North Warwickshire), has invested in a Techni Waterjet machine and has successfully grown his business. A truly inspiring story and a perfect example of how water jet versatility helps dealing with fast changing industries.

Testimonial – Planet Granite

Luke Dopper, Assistant Manager at Recopak in Cobram (Melbourne), talks about his experience with Techni Waterjet as a customer. They are currently running 2 complete systems and experienced great benefits switching from Hydralic Pump to Techni’s Electric Servo Pump.

Testimonial – Recopak Machinery

Aaron Chambers, co-owner of Aztech Cutting Solutions in Melbourne, talks about his experience with Techni Waterjet. They are currently running 3 of our Machines equipped with Techni’s patented and ultra-efficient ESP pumps.

Testimonial – Aztech Cutting Solutions

[Video demonstrates the working of a 5 Axis Bevel Waterjet Cutting PAC 55 waterjet machine using Tru-Cut Technology.]

An increasing amount of businesses are looking for flexible manufacturing systems, to be competitive in the market. And TECHNI Waterjet recognize the need to develop a cutting system that gives customers the edge. The PAC55 representing precision and good control delivers flexibility while maintaining a high level of cutting accuracy.

The PAC operating software incorporates the Tru-Cut algorithms database, developed to determine the predicted taper at a given surface finish. This taper is then compensated for dynamically when cutting the path anywhere from O degrees to 55 degrees; giving you precision and good control of any part that can be produced on a XY abrasive waterjet cutting machine.

The PAC software has been developed to enable simple transformation from a two dimensional drawing to a complex 3 dimensional path by enabling multipass capability. Countersinks, weld preparations, and chamfers can be produced simply and easily on either or both sides of the part with a single setup.

The PAC55 is capable of producing parts with a true angle up to +/- 55 Degree with continuous rotation. The cutting head does not need to be repositioned, therefore, saving time and producing higher quality parts.

By incorporating patented Direct “Servo” Technology for the 4th and 5th axis, the PAC 55 is capable of positioning accuracy to +/- 12 arc min[0.2degrees] with rapid acceleration and positioning speeds. It is the fastest and most accurate 5 axis water jet cutting head available in abrasive water jet cutting.

The PAC 55 incorporates Precision Terrain Mapping on the surface of the material to be cut. This information is then used to maintain an exact standoff distance between the nozzle and the workpiece; resulting in more accurate parts than any other 5 axis head on the market. As material flatness varies and standoff changes, so does the geometry of the path being cut. So a constant, accurate standoff is critical when angle cutting. And the greater the angle the more critical it becomes.

Also see: 60 Degree Bevelling with Continuous Rotation

5 Axis Bevel Waterjet Cutting

[Video shows cutting of glass using waterjet and what our customers have to say about different aspects of our Waterjet Cutting Machine and our 24 hour customer support.]

Glass Master – TECHNI Waterjet Glass Cutting.

I made the best decision of my life to buy a TECHNI Waterjet.

– Simple, Easy to Operate.

The waterejet offers great deal more flexibility over CNC.

– It is faster and has more flexibility over traditional glass CNC.

Nothing is impossible with a waterjet.

– Cutting of electrical power outlet in just 30 seconds. Software With Standard Glass Objects. Waterjet can easily cut thick, laminated and bullet resistant glass.

This splashback industry relies almost entirely on waterjet cutting.

All our glasses are capable of being pre-processed, because the water jet is so precise in what it can do to a splashback, a toughened safety door, a mirror, to the strictest tolerances to any customers requirements. And basically what this has done for us is that it has allowed us to improve output considerably.

– Rubber slats to resist scratching and frosting.

That we were lucky enough to fall into very innovative company called TECHNI Waterjet.”

– 24 hours support and customer service.

3 or 7 O’clock at night and when you get their support, it is just unbelievable. Incredible, within half an hour we had the technician here; and it was all done. Just fantastic.

– Simple To Operate Patented Design EZY-LOAD

And it solved lots and lots of problems in some complex glass cutting.

The difference is phenomenal, the savings tremendous.

Glass Master – Proudly manufactured by TECHNI Waterjet.

Thank you to :

Ted Oberg – Sydney Glass
Lee Thurbon – Bevelite
Jim Kriaris – Dream Haven Glass

Waterjet Glass Cutting

Dekton is extremely hard, making it very slow and difficult to cut with bridge saws. Waterjet cutting can produce mitred edges, ready for assembly, in minutes. Waterjet cutting has many advantages oversaws when cutting man made stones such as Dekton.

The video shows a complete Dekton counter top fabricated in under 30 minutes!

I am amazed at the ability of the 5 axis cutting head to prepare mitred components for both natural stone, as well as the very hard man made stones such as Dekton.

– Daniel Zovko – Owner, Pacific Stone.

Waterjet Cutting of a Dekton Countertop

Electric Servo Pump Noise Reading Dead Head – 58 dBA
Intensifier Pump Noise Reading Dead Head – 72 dBA
Electro Servo Pump Noise Reading Submerged cutting – 68 dBA
Intensifier Pump Noise Reading Submerged Cutting – 80 dBA

The Electric Servo Pump is 10x more quiet than a standard hydraulic intensifier pump.

ESP Vs Intensifier Pump – Noise Reading

This video demonstrates the power reading between an Electric Servo Pump and an Intensifier Pump.

Electric Servo Pump Power Reading (Dead Head) 430 Volts 2 Amps (Peak)
Intensifier Pump Power Reading (Deadhead) 430 Volts 32 Amps (Peak)

Electro Servo Pump Power Reading (Cutting) 430 Volts 25 Amps(Peak)
Intensifier Pump Power Reading (Cutting) 430 Volts 63 Amps (Peak)

The Electric Servo Pump is 60% more efficient than a standard hydraulic intensifier pump.

ESP Vs Intensifier Pump – Power Reading

The video demonstrates the working of an Electric Servo Pump Vs Intensifier Pump pressure pulse and dead head spike comparison.

Electric Servo Pump Set Pressure 50,000 PSI 0.010″ Orifice 1000 PSI or 2% Pulse Zero Dead Head Spike

Intensifier Pump Set Pressure 50,000 PSI 0.010″ Orifice 3000 PSI or 6% Pulse 5,000 PSI Dead Head Spike

Electric Servo Pump will increase the life of high pressure components such as HP tubes, fittings and attenuators through reduced pressure pulse and elimination of dead head spikes.

ESP Vs Intensifier Pump – Pressure Pulse

Some Waterjet Dual Cutting Head Features Shown In The Video

  1. Softec Software for Dual Cutting Heads.
  2. Individual Cutting Head Positioning.
  3. Dual Cutting Head Positioning.
  4. Independent Z Axis Positioning
  5. Synchronized Z Axis Positioning
  6. Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump
  7. Large color touch screen HMI for on board diagnostics
  8. Capabilities up to 66,000 PSI
  9. Quickly and Easily Position the Dual Cutting Heads
  10. With Dual Cutting Heads, you can cut the same shape with different lengths between the cutting heads.
  11. Remote Control Pendant adjusts dual cutting heads for easy set up.
  12. Distance between dual heads is determined by the Waterjet Operator.
  13. The power Z-axis allows for easy height adjustment of the cutting heads.
  14. Our unique Break Away Head configuration automatically shuts down the machine should one of the cutting heads come in contact with a foreign object such as a fixing clamp.

Thanks for watching today. Hope you guys learn something new about our capabilities. We have lots of features lots of options available on TECHNI Waterjet’s different machine sizes, starting from three by five (3×5), going up to ten by twenties (10×20), a lot of sizes in between. Take a look at the website. Please contact us if we could give you any more information. And again, thanks for watching and have a good day.

TECHNI Waterjet Dual Cutting Head