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Innovating the waterjet industry to benefit our customers.

TECHNI Waterjet focuses on developing waterjet machines & cutting technologies to give our customers a competitive advantage. By finding innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of waterjet cutting, TECHNI provides waterjet cutters that generate the highest return on investment within the industry.

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of profile waterjet cutting systems.  TECHNI Waterjet can offer complete water jet cutter solutions utilising their own patented in house technologies for everything from the revolutionary Electric Servo  

waterjet pump

to the 5 Axis Cutting Head.

Last year we celebrated 30 years of waterjet manufacturing, with an installation base of over 1000  

waterjet machines

or water cut systems spread across 6 continents and some 36 countries. We have dedicated sales and service offices in the USA, Australia, Asia and Europe, with spare parts, sales and service support throughout the world.

Committed to offering  

water jet cutter systems

of the highest quality, all TECHNI Waterjet cutters are designed specifically for the very challenging cutting machine environment and offer lowest running costs in the industry.

Waterjet cutting is touted to be one of the most efficient ways to accomplish high-precision cutting for several industrial applications.

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Westcut Thumb
Westcut Engineering adds 5-axis waterjet capability

January 2020 – It was back in 2005, that Westcut Engineering initially decided to invest in advanced waterjet cutting technology to broaden its capability, enabling customers to source increasingly complex and intricate shapes manufactured from virtually any material. This new … Continue reading

Marmi Olisi Thumb
Combo 5-axis saw & waterjet latest challenge

December 2019 – GMM/TECHNI and Marmi Oliosi strikes again, after being the reference customer in the Verona Area the established partnership we have achieved a new target, the recent installed “COMBO” a dual-use machine fully automated where the combination of … Continue reading

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“I can’t believe how quiet the Quantum waterjet pump is from TECHNI, this piece of equipment has not added any unnecessary noise to our production floor” John Kaias, Director

Abcor Australia

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  • Techni’s Patented and Award-winning Electric Servo Pump – (ESP) for waterjet cutting machines was launched back in 2009. Techni has invested more than $5M in R&D over the years to develop the 4th generation of the ESP. This investment, along with the experience that comes with almost 1000 installations worldwide, has led to the ESP now becoming one of the most reliable waterjet pumps available on the market. This adds to the long list of benefits the ESP offers to waterjet users, including, the quietest and most efficient waterjet cutting pump on the market. As more and more businesses are starting to understand the advantages of this incredible technology, we want to walk you through some of its features to demonstrate how this claim has been achieved.