2 Companies, 2 completely different businesses, only 1 solution: Waterjet

Apr. 17th 2018 – Premium Stone in Perth Australia, has been building with Limestone for over 20 years and they have been always taken pride in the quality of their products and service.
Recently, the stone market demand for modern ultra-compact surfaces, such as Dekton and Neolith, has imposed businesses to face a big challenge. These very durable stones are, in fact, really hard to machine with conventional cutting technologies, especially when it comes to cost-effectiveness. As Waterjet has proven to be the best answer for cutting and mitering UCS, Premium Stone knew that the addition of such type of machine to their inventory not only could have solved the problem, but it would have also increased the quality of their throughput.

After having witnessed the level of technology and efficiency that Techni systems are able to deliver, they selected the Stone Master, Techni Waterjet Intec 713. This machine allows to cut up to 6” thick manmade stones, and thanks to a very small stream size of 0.040” intricate patterns are not a problem. The integrity of the stone texture is then ensured by SoftecTM ability of nesting which makes mitring parts close together easy and seamless. In conclusion, the Intec 713, being engineered specifically for the stone manufacturing industry, provides an all-round to outperform processing UCS with a saw.

Dekton Benchtop

The owner of the company – Mark Sheehan – keeps himself busy with another big passion of his, drag racing! Techni isn’t new to motorsport competitions, as back in 2009, we acquired an exclusive customer such as Robby Gordon, a well-known name in the US NASCAR racing (full article here.)
Just like Robby, Mark needed a versatile machine, able to rapidly cut different materials for different drag car parts. Moreover, as Techni Waterjets are so much user-friendly, his team can literally create precise custom parts in minutes. Whether it is titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, carbon fibre doesn’t really matter when you own this type of machine.

Mark Sheehan recently took part in a competition at Perth Motorplex, and they are ready more than ever for many other events to come. Check it out in this article (with video.)

drag-racing-1 drag-racing-2 drag-racing-3 drag-racing-4 drag-racing-5 drag-racing-6

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