A unique project for building and funeral art in Poland

Feb 27th 2019 – Techni’s collaboration with GMM allows us to support our customers operating in the stone industry more than ever.

We are delighted to share case studies to provide real-life experiences of how it is possible to improve the business with the addition of a specific machine. GMM offers top-notch technology at affordable prices, with solutions for all different type of stone applications. For more information please visit GMM.it

Granity Skwara Group SC, a Leader company in Poland and in Europe for the production of Stone for funerary art and large monuments, and a long term GMM customer, started in 2016 the renewal of their entire range of bridge cutting machines by introducing Litox 38 CN2 and Egil 36 CN2 GMM both equipped with a double table; the process continued in 2018 by installing a GMM GL3 CN2 multi-disc automatic sawing machine and two GMM ZEDA CN2 bridge milling machines.

A strategic role in this corporate restructuring process was played by FSE the sole representative of GMM products in Poland.

The request to increase the production of tomb stones has led, after careful research and analysis of the various machines/system available on the market, to the choice of the GMM GL3 CN2 multi-disc automatic sawing line, a 9-axis interpolated machine with high cutting productivity able to cut up to 10 cm thickness. Thanks to the simultaneous operation of the three discs independent of each other (the central head can be tilted to 90°) allow to perform; parallel cuts, orthogonal, diagonals, polygons, even arcs and circumferences.

The full automatic GL3 line is composed by automatic slab loader, camera station for digital image, auto nesting and cutting belt. The cut products are exiting on separate belt unit all the way to the end for easy unloading.

“Creating a unique project for Stone processing”

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