Techsense - TECHNI WaterjetThis remarkable technology will dramatically increase your profitability by reducing scrap, increasing Up Time and Reducing Labour.

No longer will you require a person to stand idle and watch a machine ‘just in case’ there is a problem. The Techsense will activate an audible alarm and a flashing light will warn an operator if the machine is not running efficiently, and will pause the machine if the problem could potentially damage the part or material being cut.

Potential Problems Detected

Low abrasive being delivered to the cutting head
Possible cause – Moist abrasive, Blocked feed line due to foreign particles or kinked feed hose.

Plugged focusing tube
Possible causes – Focusing tube too close to work piece, foreign material in tube.

Damaged Orifice
Possible causes – General wear or erosion, foreign particle, poor water quality.

Water Pressure Drop
Possible causes Intensifier problem, High pressure hose leak, Dump valve leak, cutting head leak.

Warn or Damaged Focusing Tube

Inefficient Cutting Head Set up
Possible causes too much or too little abrasive, Cutting head loose, Focusing tube not seated, Orifice not assembled properly.