rotary axis

Extreme accuracy

The Rotary Axis is a Direct Drive motor assembly capable of accurately (+/- 0.1 degrees) positioning and contouring a work piece under the cutting stream. The extreme accuracy makes it ideal for precision applications such as Medical Components, while also powerful enough to rotate relatively large tubes (to 300mm diameter) for architectural and fabrication applications. The hollow bore will allow for bar feeding and automation applications up to 40mm diameter.


Rotary Axis Benefits Include

  • Manufactured from Corrosion Resistant Materials.
  • 40mm Diameter “Through Bore” for barfeed applications.
  • Integrated in Softec software for easy use with a Techni Waterjet.
  • Capable of being retrofitted to most Techni Waterjet machines.
  • Extremely accurate (+/- 0.1 degree)
  • High Speed. Up to 120 RPM.

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