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Oversee the entire system

Waterjet pumps are designed to operate at pressures high enough to cut through steel, so unless they are maintained correctly, they have the power to self-destruct. This is because once leaks develop, the water is at such high pressure that it will erode away the very parts which are designed to contain the water.

The combination of information from the Advanced Diagnostic sensors and the Servo Drive technology are fed into a computer, where 30 years of waterjet experience have been used to develop algorithm’s to accurately predict which parts are close to failure.



  • To ensure the ESP continues to perform at its capacity without unplanned downtime due to maintenance issues.
  • To protect the ESP against damage due to poor maintenance practices and unforeseen utility failures.
  • To minimize the risk of ESP failure, even if maintenance routines are neglected.
  • To protect the ESP if the incoming utilities fall below the minimum requirements to ensure safe operation.
  • To help an operator maximise the output of the ESP without causing unnecessary maintenance downtime.
  • To diagnose potential maintenance issues before the ESP fails, and then advise the operator how to perform the maintenance.