Alloy Steel International stepped up their game

Metalworking Shop - Techni Water Jet

June 2020 – As a metalworking shop, ASI is used to high performance and reliable machinery to handle all their customers’ needs. For more than 30 years the owners of the company have constantly been looking for new and innovative machinery to keep their business ahead of the competitors.  In 2010, ASI invested in an imported water jet cutting machine. Unfortunately, the quality of the waterjet they had purchased and the support from the local dealer was not there. “There were quality issues with cutting material on the old waterjet machine. It was not reliable, and the support was nonexistent” said Michael Levytskyy, Principal Engineer as ASI.
Therefore, after extensive research, ASI purchased an Australian Made TECHNI Waterjet™ Intec 713-G2® integrated with a Quantum NXT™ 66 Electric Servo Pump.  One reason the company wanted a TECHNI setup was because the Quantum NXT™ is up to 60% more efficient than their former hydraulic intensifier pump, which is what they were dealing with before their TECHNI purchase.

“The electric servo pump literally saves us 5-10k a year on power bills.”

Said Michael Levytskyy.

Techni Water Jet

ASI are now able to accurately and consistently, cut, chamfer and countersink all their materials, including 100mm thick Cast iron material. Not only is the Techni machine superior, the support team are first class and are based in Melbourne. With experience and know how built over a 30-year period, the Techni team was a major factor in the purchasing decision.

Michael Levytskyy, says:

“The feedback we got from the market was impressive.”

This new partnership between the two companies has ensured ASI can deliver upon its mission. Which is continuous improvement and delivering customers with industry-leading quality products, service, and value-adding solutions.