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Australian Metals selects TECHNI Waterjet to process non-ferrous materials like copper alloy, copper coil, brass alloy, bronze, and more.

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Australian Metals Pty LTD have been in business since 1994, specializing in nonferrous material supply specifically copper-based alloys including but not limited to copper, brass, bronze, LG2, PB1, AB2, 90/10 brass, 70/30 brass, 63/37 brass, gilding metal, beryllium copper and aluminium bronzes to name a few.

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Throughout their operation, they have proudly supplied high quality products and solutions to industries including defense, electrical, roofing, drainage, architectural, cladding, springs suppliers, blanking, fabricators, automotive, transformer manufacturers, magnet builders, water tank manufacturers, solar industry, security lock manufacturers and brass/copper washer stamping, copper plumbing, mining, and government.

As a merchant supplier, Australian Metals is committed to faster turnaround which is aided by great machinery to assist in all customers’ needs. For more than 25 years the family-owned company has constantly been looking for new and innovative approaches to keep their business ahead of the competitors. After extensive research, Chris Harvey purchased his first IntecTMG2 i613 accompanied with the Quantum® Power Series ESP37/66 Electric Servo Pump.

Chris had some reasons in mind why he selected TECHNI Waterjet.

“Perceived quality of the product, professional/local technical service/support and design/construction are components we value above all others. We wanted a waterjet company that holds those values as much as we do, which is why TECHNI Waterjet was an obvious choice. In fact, we knew early on that the experience TECHNI had was a clear point of difference in comparison to other brands we interacted with. From the beginning of the sales process to the completed installation, everything was first class. Our expectations were exceeded especially in after sales technical support during commissioning.”

TECHNI is a global company that has been around for 32 years. It has sold more than 1000 waterjets worldwide in that time. With TECHNI investing in high quality Service Technicians with more than 20 years’ experience and knowing TECHNI was the manufacturer of the total Waterjet system, including software, this gave Australian Metals the confidence that TECHNI was the right choice for them, and they could see that throughout the entire process.

Chris also commented on the efficiencies of the TECHNI pump.

“We take a stance on minimizing environmental impacts where possible. Nowadays achieving a smaller footprint while reducing costs and becoming more environmentally friendly is one of the most important characteristics of any technical equipment. Therefore, we were excited to be introduced to the Quantum® pump and we must say that it is performing as advertised. We are experiencing lower power usage in comparison to what other brands were advertising with their pumps and finding that with the servo drive the number of cycles completed by the pump is reduced to zero while in transition.”

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