BPK Open House – Russia’s exclusive Techni Waterjet distributor

Sept. 14th 2017 – BPK Russia arranged an impressive Open House event at their 2000 square meter Showroom which housed over 40 of the most popular metal cutting machines. Techni’s co-founder and owner Glenn Langdon was invited to introduce guests to Waterjet technology, and for a cutting demonstration on one of BPK’s stock machines.


Baltiyskaya Promishlennaya Kompaniya (BPK), based in Saint-Petersburg, is an exclusive Techni Waterjet distributor in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan of leading machine tool manufacturers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is clear with their 3,600m warehouse with more than 200 machines ready for installation. BPK is an exemplary machine tool distributor who takes pride in their mission to be their customer’s companion throughout the lifetime of the machine. Their service includes installation, training, guarantee service (extended to 18 months), and post-guarantee support. To ensure quick service, BPK carries a full stock of spare parts and accessories for the machines.

After presenting on new innovations in waterjet cutting technology, Mr. Langdon, in collaboration with BPK’s technical staff, arranged a live cutting demonstration on an Intec510 machine equipped with 5-axis cutting head.

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“It’s been a great pleasure for Techni to be able to present Waterjet technology to Russian manufacturers with a keen eye on innovation. We always look forward to showing our systems capabilities, especially in front of such a large audience.”

[Glenn Landon, Techni’s co-owner]

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Techni Group would like to take this opportunity to sincerely express its gratitude to BPK for this amazing opportunity and wish all the best for their business.
Special thanks to the owners, Diana & Ivan, for the great promotion.