Brenner GmbH & Co. Reduces Electricity Costs with Quantum ESP

For over 25 years, Brenner GmbH & Co. has been a global leader in the foam and elastomer industry due to their ability to cut with high precision, high pressure waterjets.  Operating 14 waterjets with a range between three and twenty cuttings nozzles per waterjet, Brenner is able to produce more than 300 million parts per year, mainly high-quality PU or PE foams.

Brenner 2

With years of expertise combined with state of the art technology, Brenner GmbH & Co has been able to secure their position as world market leaders in their product segment.  That is one of the reasons Managing Director, Mario Brenner, turned to TECHNI Waterjet™ when the company needed to reduce costs, but keep up the same amount of production with high quality results.  Brenner relied on TECHNI’s Quantum NXT™ Electric Servo Pump Dual to accompany their large range of waterjets to not only keep costs down, but also reduce noise level and downtime due to ease of maintenance as well as reduce their Carbon Footprint.

Compared to other hydraulic pumps running the same production, TECHNI’s Quantum NXT™ is able to significantly diminish their electricity bill by 22%. Those savings add up to a large sum when Brenner is running their waterjets at full capacity 80-90 hours per week and nearly 18 hours per day.

“We did a comparison with an identical machine running on the same parts (same nozzle quantity, same pressure, etc.). We achieved a reduction of energy of approx. 22% in comparison to a competitor’s pump,” stated Mario Brenner, Managing Director of Brenner GmbH & Co.

Not only does Brenner rely on cutting costs with their Quantum, but also cutting down on noise.  The Quantum is 800% quieter than a typical hydraulic intensifier, which adds up to a huge noise reduction when cutting with 14 waterjets.  Typical hydraulic intensifiers run at 80 dBa, while TECHNI’s Quantum NXT™ runs at less than 68 dBa.

“Noise reduction is always a desirable feature,” said Brenner.

Brenner is committed to using economical resources with minimum environmental impact, which is one more reason they chose TECHNI’s Quantum NXT™.

“Nowadays achieving a smaller footprint while reducing costs and becoming more environmentally friendly is one of the most important characteristics of any technical equipment,” explained Brenner.

The Quantum NXT™ is by far the most environmentally friendly, has the least affect on global warming, and has the smallest carbon footprint of any waterjet cutting pump available on the market today.