Brownhills Glass Co. Ltd. U.K. Glass merchant since 1979

From commercial interiors to glass furniture to balustrades, Brownhills Glass Co. Ltd has been serving the greater U.K. area since 1979.  One of the leading glass merchant and processers for over 30 years, Brownhills Glass prides themselves on their exceptional glass products as well their outstanding customer service.

One of the numerous ways Brownhills Glass continues to market themselves as a top of the line glass manufacture is to keep state-of-the-art and up to date CNC machines on their shop floor. Brownhills Glass wanted to replace their old unreliable waterjet cutting machine with a good quality waterjet to improve production and reduce the lead time to keep their superb level of customer service at its best.

“I wanted to keep the waterjet technology, but I needed to find the right manufacturer. The fact that TECHNI only manufactures waterjets gave us more confidence in their reliability, and of course the price was attractive,” said Brownhills Glass Co. Ltd Managing Director, Tim Price.

The U.K. based Glass Company decided to purchase a TECHNI Waterjet™ Glass Master i612-G2 (6’x12’) Waterjet Cutting System complete with the Quantum NXT™ 55s Electric Servo Pump.Brownshill Glass UK

The Glass Master is the perfect solution for glass cutting as the waterjet is equipped with easy slide rubber slat covers designed by TECHNI Waterjet™ to reduce scratching of the glass, air tight bellows, TECHNI’s inventive Break Away Head, and Softec Glass Master Software specifically developed to make quick and simple programs for glass components.  TECHNI’s patented EZY LOAD Material Handling Solution allows glass to be loaded in a vertical plane and automatically lowers the glass into a horizontal position inside the tank.Brownshill Glass UK

Compared to their old hydraulic intensifier pump, the Quantum NXT™ 55s is cleaner, quieter and 60% more efficient.

The Quantum NXT™ is certainly quieter than our previous model and is easy to keep clean,” stated Mr. Price.

In fact, the Quantum NXT™ is 800% quieter than standard hydraulic intensifiers with less than 68 dBA compared to a hydraulic intensifier with a noise level of 70 dBA.

“The Quantum NXT™ 55s is user friendly, easy and quick to change the seals compared to our previous pump and the preventative maintenance program is easy to follow,” said Price.

Brownhills Glass has been committed to providing the best quality glass products backed up by first class customer service for the last 30 years and is looking forward to providing the same level of service for the next 30+ years.  In order to do that, they searched for a waterjet company who provides the most innovative waterjet products available in the industry.  Their solution was TECHNI Waterjet™.

“We have no issues.  TECHNI Waterjet™ is helpful and knowledgeable about the product,” stated Price.