Combo 5-axis saw & waterjet latest challenge

December 2019 – GMM/TECHNI and Marmi Oliosi strikes again, after being the reference customer in the Verona Area the established partnership we have achieved a new target, the recent installed “COMBO” a dual-use machine fully automated where the combination of a 5-axis saw and a 5-axis Waterjet is gone together building the revised concept system for cutting stone and the rising new porcelain material.


The system is based on the concept of having two units working simultaneously but being driven from a single software the powerfully Gmm CAD. With a unique interface, the system performs diamond blade cutting. Then with the Patented Vacuum Head, it transfers the sawn piece into the Waterjet Tank for internal cutting.
The two-unit can work also independently in order to increase productivity and expand the range of products.

Marmi Oliosi was founded in 2006 by Leris Oliosi under the impulse of his pure passion for shaping one of the most incredible material, Marble.
Since the beginning in the company was operating Erika Lucchese, wife and first Leris support, in 2012 the company was moved in a new facility and after the initial Gmm machines, others were installed.
Lately also Alexa, the daughter joined the company and this was a further impulse for this family-owned company toward the latest marble technology to satisfy the increasing demand of the Made in Italy designer.

The installation of the COMBO makes Marmi Oliosi the home of the Marble most advanced technology.

Article produced by GMM
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