DECOGLAZE™ Adds Second Waterjet After 12 Years

Waterjet Glass Cutter

Established in Sydney, Australia in 1998, DecoGlaze™ is the world leader in glass manufacturing, measuring, and installing of colored glass splash backs in the glass splash backs industry. With distributors now in the ACT, South Coast, Hunter Valley, Central West and Central Coast, DecoGlaze™ is committed to providing the highest quality products with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

The 17 year old glass cutting specialist typically cuts Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office splash backs and mirrors for both residential and commercial areas. All of which are difficult to cut, but a job made easy with a waterjet. The waterjet software imports ready to cut files with just a click of a button, minimize pre-production time with a single setup for all applications, no tooling is required and an easy load system for handling with safety and comfort.

“Adding the GlassMaster™ Waterjet Cutting System has opened up doors for us due to the high demand for our product. We are now able to keep up with the constant demand of our colored splash backs. It’s important to us to meet our goals and even more important to exceed customer expectations,” said Jason Hedges, Managing Director at DecoGlaze™.

DecoGlaze™ first purchased a Techjet® 3000 (5’x10’) in 2003. This machine has now accumulated more than 15,000 operating hours and cut over 100,000 Linear meters. This time around, DecoGlaze™ went with a bigger machine, the Intec 612 G2® GM (6’x12’).

“We have experienced 12 years of long term hassle free production from the TECHNI waterjet. We knew adding a second TECHNI Waterjet™ was the right choice because of their superior technology and the fact that they produce the waterjet, hopper and pump. Not all waterjet companies can say that. That matters to us,” stated Hedges.

DecoGlaze™ is so confident in the quality of their colored splash backs they offer a ten year written guarantee on every splash back they install. Their dedication to quality is a high priority for them.

“Quality of the end product and superb customer service are two components we will refuse to give in on. We wanted a waterjet company that holds those values as much as we do, which is why TECHNI Waterjet™ was a clear choice for our second machine,” stated Hedges.