Case Study
EMR Marble & Granite

Stone Manufacturer Expands with a Revolutionary New Waterjet Cutter: the Best Option for Cutting Sintered Materials Including Neolith.

EMR Marble and Granite

Elio Rossi and wife Melina Rossi, Owners of EMR Marble and Granite, started their family run business back in 2006. Their South Australia family-owned company has grown from a small business to one of Adelaide’s top prestige and professional marble and granite manufacturers. EMR’s staff, with over 50 years combined experience, are experts in working with natural and manmade stone such as marble, granite and re-constituted. Materials sourced include Porcelain like Neolith and Dekton, with a range of colors to suit any clientele, design, home, or lifestyle.

For months, Elio searched for machinery to meet specific criteria for his growing business. Elio was growing frustrated in his search until the day he was introduced to waterjet technology. EMR needed a waterjet system to work as hard and efficiently as they did. Therefore, Elio reached out to CDK Stone (Distributor for TECHNI products in the stone industry) to organize a demo. Elio, along with CDK Stone, visited TECHNI Waterjet® in Campbellfield (Melbourne North) to evaluate a live waterjet and he knew immediately TECHNI Waterjet was the company he had been searching for.

Elio could sense he was talking to a manufacturer with enormous expertise, knowledge, and technical ability in waterjet technology. With over 30 years of business operation and 1000 plus machines installed worldwide, it was not hard to see TECHNI was the right partner for Elio.

“I left the company location and was excited about what I saw. I was impressed with the quality of the TECHNI product. Seeing the Quantum® Electric Servo Pump and the PAC60™ in operation was truly what I was hoping to find. I’ve been doing my research, talking to industry experts, reading reviews online from other TECHNI customers and TECHNI Waterjet® comes highly recommended.”

After his extensive research, Elio purchased his first TECHNI Waterjet® Intec™G2 i613 accompanied with the Quantum® Electric Servo Pump ESP37/66 and the PAC60™ Bevel Cutting Head. One reason the company wanted a TECHNI setup was because of the unique machine on offer.

With the Intec™G2 613, EMR has the ability to load one sheet of stone, cut all the panels, including the side panels with mitre cuts. With the integration of the PAC60™ Five Axis Cutting Head on their waterjet, EMR are able to cut a +/- 60 degree bevel with continuous rotation and account for taper compensation.

Comments from the customer

“There are new products in the market (Sintered Materials including Neolith). The best option of cutting these types of materials is a waterjet. Our material supplier highly recommended we cut the material with a waterjet because it will lessen the chance to crack the material and achieve a better finish.”

“Ten weeks after confirming our order, the machine was delivered and installed. TECHNI delivered on all their promises. Training was excellent and our operators picked up the necessary skills in just a few short days. Buying this TECHNI machine has been a game changer.”
said Elio.