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amc-headerMay 30th 2018 – After 27 years of providing high quality spare parts, consumables and machine servicing to the UK waterjet cutting industry, AMC Jets Ltd has teamed up with TECHNI Waterjet, offering the very latest in waterjet cutting equipment to the UK market.

With their extensive knowledge of waterjet cutting, the team at AMC Jets and Techni Waterjet are able to provide solutions to suit every application and budget and are extremely excited to be able to present this technology to their ever-growing customer base across the UK and Ireland.

From the fully bespoke Intec and Techjet series systems to the award-winning, energy efficient, easy-to-maintain, virtually silent, Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pumps, AMC Jets are now able to offer the full and complete waterjet package. It confidently believes that the latest, state-of-the-art Techni Waterjet systems represent a huge step forward for the waterjet cutting industry in terms of performance and reliability.

One of the most recent additions to the TECHNI Waterjet portfolio is the release of the latest 4th generation of Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump (ESP), brand new for 2018.

Dennis Schmidt of TECHNI Waterjet Europe states

“The newest generation is designed to avoid surprises. It warns operators about changing operating conditions before it actually stops with an alarm. Through the analysing of historical data, we will be able to move to predictive analytics and inform operator about probabilities and timing for future maintenance needs. One day, I hope, we can use prescriptive analytics to also provide methods of improving the pump setup to extend the service intervals and/or completely avoid the pump to come to an unexpected halt.”

Tom Shore of AMC Jets, comments:

“AMC Jets is excited to be working alongside TECHNI Waterjet, a company that shares the same core values in customer service and product innovation as ourselves. We are thrilled to be installing the UKs first ‘Gen4′ Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump sometime in mid-April, alongside a brand new Techjet 4100 4m x 2m machine, which includes a PAC60 5-axis cutting head as part of the customers build specification. This particular customer has decided to upgrade from their existing 15-year old machine, which was powered by a hydraulically driven pump, to our Quantum ESP Pump to take advantages of higher efficiencies, energy savings, lower noise levels and minimal downtime for maintenance. A seal change on a Quantum ESP pump takes less than 5 minutes, designed with increased production time in mind. Every machine we sell has been tailor-made specifically around the customers’ requirements. As waterjet cutting can be very diverse and flexible manufacturing process, machine needs can differ from client to client. For example, a machine designed for metal profiling, may not necessarily be suitable for a company who would want to utilise waterjet for cutting foams and rubbers.”

[Source: Engineering Subcontractor Magazine – May 2018 issue]

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