FABTECH 2018 Press Release – GMM/TECHNI to merge Operations

Nov 13th 2018 – With locations in USA, Asia and Australia, Techni manufacturers water jet cutting solutions for the metals, composites, glass and stone industries. TWJ is one of only a few in the Waterjet Industry worldwide that control the entire the waterjet process in house, with their own developed Servo Driven Pump and 5 Axis Cutting Head. TWJ has numerous patents on their Pumps and 5 Axis cutting Head. The Electric Servo Pump is by far the most efficient and quietest of any waterjet pump on the market. Founder and Managing Director Darren Reukers, speaking from the Fabtech 2018 trade exhibition in Atlanta GA, said “We are excited for what this move will bring to both our Techni clients around the world and for the opportunities that this will present to the Techni employees.  By joining with such a reputable company with a well-known service orientated brand, both existing and future Techni clients will still be able to enjoy the Techni experience, while knowing they now have that large yet dynamic organization behind them all the way”

Gmm is a large CNC Saw manufacturer based out of Northern Italy. With its Nth American headquarters in Charlotte NC. GMM boast more than 1500 machines installed across America and more than 6500 Worldwide.  Celebrating 25 years in business this year – with multiple locations across Northern Italy, through Asia and in North America, Gmm has over time become a truly global supplier of cutting solutions to numerous industries.

Techni Waterjet is Proud to announce after 28 years of independent ownership, that a majority share of the company has been acquired by Gmm SPA from Italy.

“This acquisition strengthens our competitive position as a global leader in the cutting machinery market, thanks to the unique, innovative and high value-added Waterjet machines developed by TWJ. With this acquisition, we are approaching the targets of US$100 million of consolidated revenues by 2019”

explains Corrado Franzi, founder and CEO of the GMM group.

The 2 companies will be merging their Nth American operations into 1 brand new state of the art facility in Charlotte NC starting from Feb 1st 2019. The facility will be an all in 1 demonstration and test facility, with a large training, technology center as well as a larger inventory of spares and machines in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Photos from this year’s show.