Germany’s Schippl Dichtungen GmbH in Welden Takes First Delivery of Techni’s Gen4 Electric Servo Pumps

When Schippl was looking to increase its waterjet capacity, they decided on Techni’s Quantum Servo pumps which offered the highest efficiency in the waterjet industry. Schippl chose a two pump configuration to not only provide up to 4550 Bar, but also to offer a needed level of redundancy to support their high standard of customer service and short turnaround times.

shippl1 shippl3

Thomas Wagner, Production Manager:

“We had successfully trial cut our thicker materials at pressure higher than 4000 Bar, for which we had changed to a larger orifice previously. The reduced setup time will make us more flexible and improve our overall waterjet processes”.

Manfred Koch, Managing Director:

“We have enjoyed considerable consumable lifetime of almost 2000 hours with our Quantum Gen2 and are saving money with the smaller Quantum pump compared to our sister firms who still use hydraulic intensifiers. Schippl stands for innovation and the decision to further invest in  Techni’s technology was easy to make”.

Dennis Schmidt of Techni Waterjet:

“I am looking forward to see how Schippl will continue to increase their throughput. Their new pumps are equipped with our advanced diagnostics technology and Techni will be keeping an eye on the equipment to ensure Schippl maximizes on their investment.”

About Schippl

SCHIPPL is the youngest subsidiary within the Späh Group, which it joined in mid-2007. The company was established in 1961 and was originally a manufacturer of sanitation seals. Today, SCHIPPL has a workforce of about 50 and manufactures bought-out-parts made of elastomers and plastics as individual components and volume production parts. As a flexible partner of the Technical Trade, the company is also a specialist in the execution of rush orders.