HG WATERCUT, metal contract cutting in NZ and Australia

Mar 18th 2019 – High Grade Watercut Ltd is a contract cutting business that shares premises with its sister company High Grade Metals who sell aluminium and tool steel to the manufacturing sector in New Zealand and to a small but growing market base in Australia. It is this business development and perspective of an even larger customer base that led David Thumath, Director of HG Watercut, to the decision of purchasing a waterjet cutting system.

Despite the majority of his commissions being metal cutting, David was sure he could have benefited from this type of technology more than the traditional laser process. In fact, not only the waterjet is able to deal with a virtually endless variety of materials, but it guarantees a machined product of higher quality. The ultra-high pressurized stream of water doesn’t interfere with the inherent structure of the material, preventing unintended behavior of the processed part, which is particularly important with highly engineered components. At HG Watercut they wanted to reduce scraps as much as possible to reduce costs and maximize customer satisfaction at the same time.

The waterjet process extremely reduces, if not completely eliminates the need for secondary processes. David Thumath said:

The waterjet is adding value to the products we sell and bringing in new business that is attracted to the ease of buying material and having it profiled from a single source. It is also exposing us to new markets and opportunities, we now stock and sell some products that we had no exposure to previously.

When we asked him why he gives his preference to Techni Waterjet, he stated:

I chose Techni mainly due to the pump advanced technology and I liked the structure of the machine. Being in the machine tool game myself I liked what I saw and heard when I visited.

David concluded:

Being a complete novice to waterjet cutting when I purchased this machine I am very pleased that I bought from Techni. The machine has met all my expectations and with the great support I have received when needed I am undertaking work to a quality that has made High Grade Watercut Ltd. the shop of choice for some major manufactures.

Techni Waterjet is pleased to have yet another satisfied customer who is now able to take his business to another level thanks to the addition of one of our systems.

If you want to know more about HG Watercut or need their expertise, please find their website.