Kastle Grinding Purchases Third Waterjet


Tim Schloss, Owner of Kastle Grinding LLC, knew it was time to upgrade his 2004 Techjet 3000 (5’x10’) waterjet cutting system when his customers were demanding parts that were longer and wider than his table was able to hold.

“We cut parts from 72” wide x 144” long material on occasion and it was necessary to have a larger cutting capacity,” stated Schloss.

Aiming to please his customers, Schloss upgraded his twelve year old TECHNI Waterjet System to a new TJ4100-G (7’x13’) Waterjet Cutting System complete with a Quantum NXT 55s Electric Servo Pump. Their new TJ4100-X3 Waterjet with dual cutting heads goes alongside their other TJ4000 (6’x12’) Waterjet Cutting System, which they purchase in 2006 after realizing the market for waterjet in the Kansas City area was abundant.

“I actually thought that the waterjet business for us would only last about 10 years before different companies would own their own waterjet machines. It is a big investment for a company and I know cost vs. the savings is not always worth it for most companies.  We have filled a need in the Kansas City area and thanks to Techni we have been a consistent source for getting parts cut and hope to continue to expand our capabilities,” said Schloss.

A dependable waterjet isn’t the only reason why Kastle Grinding keeps coming back to TECHNI Waterjet.

“Techni has always provided us with excellent waterjets along with great support and readily available parts. One time we had a bad storm near our shop and our hard drive got fried. Techni quickly took our computer and reinstalled all the necessary software AND had it back to us the SAME day,” said Schloss.

Reliability and Service are important for Tim and his team at Kastle Grinding. Same day service and availability combined with a skilled team of Service Technicians are what make TECHNI Waterjet a company worth coming back to time and time and in Kastle Grinding’s case, time again.

Kastle Grinding adds features to their waterjet s to allow for faster service without sacrificing the quality of the end product all the while giving their operators the ability to step away from the waterjet while it’s running a job.

“We have always equipped our waterjets with dual cutting heads to help expedite orders. Also, having a Tech-Sense abrasive monitoring system gives us more freedom to walk away from the waterjet while it is cutting without the worry of scrapping parts,” said Schloss.

One main difference in the newest waterjet installed at Kastle Grinding is TECHNI’s Quantum NXT 55s Electric Servo Pump.

“It is super quiet and is stops running when we are not cutting,” stated Schloss.

Tim is referring to the infinite control of the servomotor and precision of the ballscrew, which enable extremely accurate control over the output pressure and volume of the water displaced, and eliminates pressure spikes when deadheading. This design can generally match or surpass the performance of both direct-drive and intensifier models in efficiency, maintenance and footprint. The Quantum ESP is less than 68 dBA with almost silent operation, compared to a standard hydraulic intensifier pump at 80 dBa making the Quantum ESP 10x more quiet than a standard hydraulic intensifier pump.

The best advice a seasoned waterjet owner could give a potential waterjet customer…”Buy From TECHNI.”