Laser Punch and Bend – Metalworking in South Africa

August 2019 – Laser Punch & Bend, based in Deal Party, Port Elizabeth, specialize in CNC laser cutting, CNC punching and CNC press bending, as well as product manufacturing. They supply all the different industries such as engineering workshops, automotive line manufacturers, product manufacturers and the general public.

Since their factory was opened in 2003, with just two CNC press brakes and a CNC punch, they have continued to invest in leading edge technology and machinery. Continuing the improvement trend, this year at Laser Punch & Bend they purchased a brand new Techni Waterjet Intec-G2® 510 high-pressure waterjet system.

The addition of a waterjet system will allow them to get into a market that hasn’t been tapped into in their area. They will be the only company actively offering a waterjet cutting service, which differently from the laser doesn’t alter the inner structure of the metal and allows for higher cutting thickness.

The high level of services provided by LP&B, together with their capabilities has resulted in them steadily gaining the loyal support of many companies and individuals throughout the Eastern Cape.
Techni Waterjet is keen to provide once again a contribution to the development of another brilliant business; convinced that a waterjet machine is a perfect fit in such type of workshop we look forward to seeing LP&B future growth.

Kent Wicks, owner of LP&B said:

“Our experience with Techni Waterjet has been a pleasure. From the sales management throughout the installation and training process, all parties have assisted us with any questions and technical details, also following the installation. This has helped to get us going and to better understand the machine and its capabilities.”

Kent Wicks added:

“We were attracted by their energy-efficient electric servo pump called QuantumNXT. So far we are impressed with how the HMI works, allowing you to monitor the components, and with Advanced Diagnostics we will be able to perform predictive maintenance.”

For more information about LP&B please visit their website.