Mears Machine Corporation Adds Second Waterjet

Mears Machine

Many companies make purchasing decisions based on the quality, service, and price of the product after months of research to finally commit to the one brand they find will fit their specific criteria.    Mears Machine Corporation didn’t need to research which waterjet brand to add to their lineup because they knew TECHNI Waterjet was the only company worth entertaining for their second waterjet.  It was an easy decision for Bryan Dobbs, General Forman at Mears Machine.

“We had experienced exceptional, long term service support from TECHNI.  We knew adding a second TECHNI Waterjet was the right choice because of their service support, and their superior machine,” stated Dobbs.

Mears Machine first purchased a Techjet 1500® (3’x5’) TECHNI Waterjet in 2002. This time around, Mears went with a bigger machine, the TJ3000-X3® (5’x10’) accompanied with the Quantum NXT™ 66 Electric Servo Pump.  They also upgraded to the PAC 60™ Five-Axis Cutting Head and added the Garnet Removal System.

“Adding the PAC 60™ has changed the way we do business due to its versatility. We have been able to make more precise cuts and even able to cut parts on our new waterjet that we would have previously machined, saving our company time and money,” said Dobbs.

The 49 year old machine shop typically cuts ½” to 3” thick high temperature alloys such as Inconel Alloy, Hastelloy-X Alloy, and Waspaloy.  All of which are difficult to machine, but a piece of cake for a waterjet, especially with Tech-Sense™ Abrasive Monitoring System.  The Tech-Sense™ monitors the cutting head and pauses the program prior to any abrasive blockage, making the waterjet a “hands free” operation.

“The Tech-Sense™ has decreased our downtime since it monitors the cutting head and the time to diagnose an issue is significantly less.  It’s much easier to communicate an issue with the Techni service team, which saves time and money, and decreases the possibility of making unnecessary repairs,” added Dobbs.

From the time Mears purchased their first waterjet and pump to the time they added the second waterjet and pump, technology has significantly changed.  Before, Mears Machine was running their waterjet from an old intensifier pump.  Now, with the Quantum NXT™ Electric Servo Pump their downtime has drastically been reduced.

“The main difference we see between the two pumps is the time to change the seals.  Before, with the hydraulic intensifier pump, it would take at least 4 hours to change the seals.  Now it only takes about 20 minutes! Another added benefit is the significant noise reduction,” stated Dobbs.

With almost silent operation at less than 68 dBA, the Quantum NXT™ is 800% quieter than Mears Machine’s out dated hydraulic intensifier which runs at 72 dBA, making the Quantum NXT™ the quietest pump on the market.

Ultimately, what prompted Mears Machine to return to TECHNI for their second waterjet?  Our service.

“The TECHNI Service team is exceptional. One time TECHNI Service re-routed their Service Technician to address our issues. We were back up and running within 24 hours. That’s important to us,” explained Dobbs.