More Options for Waterjet Pumps

Quantum ESP 52

Leading waterjet technology manufacturer TECHNI Waterjet™ announces a second line of electric servo pumps (ESPs), designed to address the requirements of today’s competitive manufacturing industry. TECHNI is pleased to introduce the “Value Range” of Quantum ESP’s.

3 models are currently available; VP 10/60, capable of running a 0.007” orifice at 60,000psi, VP 15/52, capable of running a 0.010” orifice at 52,000psi, and the VP 20/55 capable of running a 0.011” orifice at 55,000psi.

With one of the smallest footprints in the waterjet industry, the Quantum VP’s are just 54” x 21” x 42” and weighs 900 lbs. They can also be operated off single or 3 phase 200 – 480V and only require a 30A supply.

As with all of TECHNI’s Quantum Electric Servo Pumps, the Quantum VP is less than 68 dBA, compared to an old fashioned hydraulic intensifier pump at 80 dBA, making the innovative Quantum VP’s 10 times quieter than the standard hydraulic pump.

Instead of relying on an inefficient hydraulic system, this breakthrough technology uses an electric servo motor to directly drive the plungers, resulting in up to 60% less power consumption than traditional Intensifier Pumps. Not only does the Quantum VP use less power, but the water consumption is also greatly reduced as the high efficiency servo motor requires minimal cooling. These two factors, as well as the reduced size, noise, and oil requirements, make the Quantum VP an environmentally friendly solution.