Nasa Stones Pty Ltd. Saves Money with their TECHNI Waterjet


Samer Hmoozi, Owner of Nasa Stones Pty Ltd., does his research.  For months, Hmoozi searched for a waterjet company to meet specific criteria for his growing business. Nasa Stones specializes in creating high-quality stone products from kitchen countertops to fireplaces to marble walls on the inside of elevators.  They needed a waterjet system to work as hard and efficient as they did.  Hmoozi visited a current TECHNI Waterjet™ customer to evaluate a live waterjet and knew immediately TECHNI Waterjet™ was the company he had been searching for.

“I left the customer’s location and was excited about what I saw. I was impressed with the quality of the TECHNI product. Seeing the Quantum NXT™ Electric Servo Pump and the PAC 60® in operation was truly what I was hoping to find. I’ve been doing my research. TECHNI Waterjet™ comes highly recommended,” stated Hmoozi.

The 7 year old company has recently relocated to a larger facility. Incoming power supply was an issue for the new location, but not an issue for TECHNI Waterjet’s Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump and Intec 713-G2® (7’ x 13’) Waterjet Cutting System. Because of the low power requirements of our systems, they were able to operate without upgrading the incoming power supply, ultimately saving them money.

“The Quantum NXT is great. When we were doing our research on pumps, we found the Quantum NXT pump is the best in the world,” said Hmoozi.

With the Intec 713-G2®, Nasa Stones has the ability to load one sheet of stone, cut all the panels, including the side panels with bevel cuts. With the integration of the PAC 60® Five Axis Cutting Head on their waterjet, it gives them the capabilities to cut a +/- 60 degree bevel with continuous rotation and account for taper compensation.

“There are new products in the market (Dekton & Porcelain). The best option of cutting these types of materials is a waterjet. Our supplier highly recommended we cut the material with a waterjet because it will lessen the chance to crack the material and also achieve a better finish,” said Hmoozi.

After sales support and top of the line service and installation is a priority for the high end stone company and something they are familiar with as their end product is often times the focal point of a room. Their product has to be perfect every time and they make it a precedence to exceed their customer’s expectations. They wanted a waterjet company to do the same for them.

“TECHNI has an excellent service team, and they make us feel like we are a partnership with them. There are too many reasons we have to highly recommended TECHNI Waterjet™. The first reason is they have the greatest Service Technicians; from customer service to the installation of the machine to the training.  The second reason is the Intec 713-G2® is doing a great job,” said Hmoozi.

With TECHNI Waterjet™ investing in high quality Service Technicians with more than 20 years experience and knowing TECHNI was the manufacture of the total Waterjet system, including software, gave Nasa Stones the confidence TECHNI was the right choice for them.