Netherlands is for innovation – Reedyk upgrades to Quantum Gen.4

Just like Techni, Reedyk, the compact crane maker, seriously invests in product development and innovation. One of their four patents is a wireless remote control based on a tablet pc – “It was not available, so we developed it ourselves”. Everything often starts with a seemingly simple question but it may easily grow into the development of a unique solution.

That innovation is what drove Reedyk to Techni’s revolutionary ESP pump over the other options available on the market back in 2012.

During the last 5 years, Quantum ESP pump’s technology has become extremely refined to make it smarter than ever. Reedyk experienced real benefits with Techni’s ESP pump that the old Hydraulic technology was unable to offer, and today they decided to upgrade to Quantum Generation 4.

Techni is convinced that Reedyk will be pleased to continue to benefit from reduced power consumption, noise as low as 68 dBA, and the Advanced Diagnostics System.

Marco Steenbergen:

“We have had great improvements in seal life and operator experience when we changed from hydraulic intensifiers to the new quantum servo pump in 2012. I was happy to hear that we invested into the newest generation with improved diagnostics and more power for faster cutting”.

Dirk Reedijk:

“The Netherlands has pioneered global efforts in sustainable energy and green technology. The Quantum Servo Pump is a perfect fit. I am proud to know that Reedyk has purchased the first Pump of the newest Generation. The technology has served us well in the past and having Techni Waterjet as a business partner has been an excellent experience.”


On the left, Marco Steenbergen, Manager of waterjet cutting

On the right, Dirk Reedijk, Owner and director of Reedyk

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