New Business Development Group for TECHNI Waterjet


Kevin McManus, Director of Business Development

TECHNI Waterjet, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of profile waterjet cutting systems, announces the appointment of Kevin McManus as its global Director of Business Development effective May 1st; joining Kevin in the Business Development group is Jenifer Bingham-McManus. Among other responsibilities, a main focus of TECHNI’s Business Development group is to help companies around the world significantly improve their operating performance through the utilization of TECHNI’s industry-leading products and technology.


Jenifer Bingham-McManus, Business Development

Kevin has a long, proven track record of helping companies apply processes, products and technology to improve operating performance and increase shareholder value. Amongst other career experiences, Kevin was the President & CEO of KMT Group including the high-pressure water-jet pump and products group and the robotic automation group prior to its sales to NY-based AIP in 2013; President of Robotic Production Technology (RPT) prior to its sale to KMT Group in 2006; and Treasurer and Vice President of Operations for FANUC Robotics during much of the 1990’s. Kevin also was very involved in the growth and development of H2O Jet, and was instrumental in the sale of that business to KMT Group in 2006 at the same time RPT was sold. For much of the past 2 decades Kevin has been a recognized global leader in the robotic automation and waterjet cutting industries.