New customer in the Detroit area is getting delivery of a Techjet 4100

Another day, another shipment to a end-user customer of a world class TECHNI WaterjetTM shape cutting machine and accessories, along with the industry-leading Quantum NXT electric servo-motor pump.

truck-detroit1 truck-detroit2 truck-detroit3
This particular machine is the TECHJET® model 4100-X3 which features a 7’ x 13’ cutting area and several high value features amongst others including water raise/lower to allow for underwater cutting; TECH-SENSE to ensure proper abrasive flow during the cutting process; and TECHNI’s innovative and extremely accurate PAC60 cutting head.

The Quantum NXT pump is highly efficient, environmentally friendly, quiet, provides for the longest life for high pressure components due to the elimination of “dead head” pressure spikes and through its superior design is widely recognized as the most intelligent high-pressure pump being manufactured today.

This particular cutting solution is on its way to a new customer in the Detroit area that specializes in processing stone products such as granite and quartz. The development of new man-made materials in the stone market has provided manufacturing challenges to stone processors around the world, especially when customers desire that these materials get processed with mitered edges. Fortunately, the TECHNI solution is ideal for processing these materials and creating ideal edges – so much so that one of the leading manufacturers of these man-made materials has been telling their customers to “buy a TECHNI – its machines process our material like butter”.