Softec™ Waterjet Cutting Software has been developed by TECHNI Waterjet with two very clear goals in mind;

  • To cut parts at the minimum cost with the greatest accuracy, and
  • To have a simple and intuitive interface with the operator.


At the “Heart” of Softec™ is Tru-Cut Technology™, a highly sophisticated algorithms database that determines the optimum cutting speeds and machine ramping characteristics. Once you select the material to be cut, its thickness and surface edge finish required, the computer will take care of the rest, ensuring the minimum cutting time for any given part. (Note: you can also add new materials if required)

Softec waterjet cutting software includes the following features:

  • DXF Importation
  • Standard Objects Library
  • Re-Start Cutting from Anywhere
  • Auto and Array Nesting
  • Five edge qualities, selectable for each line.
  • Costing and estimating package
  • Simple to use C.A.D. package
  • Scanned Image ‘Clean Up’ function
  • Trouble shooting Diagnostics
  • Dynamic Wear Compensation
  • Multiple Piercing Options
  • Virtual Plate Orientation
  • Real Time Running and Simulation
  • Multiple origin points
  • Design Mode
  • Dry Run Mode
  • Maintenance Timers
  • Off Site Notification

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Tru-Cut TechnologyTM

Tru-Cut waterjet cutting software technologyAdvanced abrasive water-jet cutting technology

  • Abrasive water-jet cutting technology has revolutionised the way many industries efficiently cut a wide range of materials. But not all abrasive water-jet cutting equipment is the same. Above all other considerations, it is the quality of the software driving the abrasive water-jet cutting equipment that determines its overall performance efficiency and value for money.
  • Users demand abrasive water-jet cutting equipment that works at the optimum speed while producing accurate and high quality cuts, with minimum striations and other defects. And to satisfy modern demands for higher productivity, the equipment must be low maintenance and simple to operate – a big ask for what is a complex and multi-faceted process. While many claim to manufacture advanced abrasive water-jet cutting equipment, very few can achieve in practice the competitive advantage, performance and reliability of Tru-Cut® technology.

Waterjet Cutting Software that puts the operator at the cutting edge

  • Modern abrasive water-jet cutting technology is a child of the computer age and Tru-Cut® technology is true to type. The heart of its functionality lies in advanced software that has been developed, tested and refined over many years by TECHNI Waterjet.
  • Minor variations in material thickness, cutting pressure, type and amount of abrasive, part geometry and the tightness of radii in corners requires continuous re-calibrations and adjustments to yield the most efficient cutting times and quality results. The proprietary algorithms in Tru-Cut® software deal reliably and effortlessly with these ever changing variables in real time. Cutting speeds are dynamically optimised to compensate for all types of otherwise problematic and potentially wasteful situations.


Advanced Nesting Software (Option)

Softec Nest™ utilizes advance nesting algorithms which have been developed by one of the world’s largest and most awarded CAD and nesting software developers – Geometric Global


Waterjet Cutting SoftwareNest main pic copy

  • Increasing Material Yield (More Parts Per Sheet)
  • Minimizing Rapid Feed Times (More Sheets Per Hour)
  • Increasing Nesting Speed (Reduced Programming Time)
  • Increasing Remnant Size (Less Material Per Part)