TECHNI Waterjet Dual Cutting Head


Some Waterjet Dual Cutting Head Features Shown In The Video

  1. Softec Software for Dual Cutting Heads.
  2. Individual Cutting Head Positioning.
  3. Dual Cutting Head Positioning.
  4. Independent Z Axis Positioning
  5. Synchronized Z Axis Positioning
  6. Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump
  7. Large color touch screen HMI for on board diagnostics
  8. Capabilities up to 66,000 PSI
  9. Quickly and Easily Position the Dual Cutting Heads
  10. With Dual Cutting Heads, you can cut the same shape with different lengths between the cutting heads.
  11. Remote Control Pendant adjusts dual cutting heads for easy set up.
  12. Distance between dual heads is determined by the Waterjet Operator.
  13. The power Z-axis allows for easy height adjustment of the cutting heads.
  14. Our unique Break Away Head configuration automatically shuts down the machine should one of the cutting heads come in contact with a foreign object such as a fixing clamp.

Thanks for watching today. Hope you guys learn something new about our capabilities. We have lots of features lots of options available on TECHNI Waterjet’s different machine sizes, starting from three by five (3×5), going up to ten by twenties (10×20), a lot of sizes in between. Take a look at the website. Please contact us if we could give you any more information. And again, thanks for watching and have a good day.