TECHNI to support NA Automotive Soft Trim Market

Dec. 18th 2017 – TECHNI WaterjetTM, a recognized global leader in supporting customers with innovative products and services for high-pressure waterjet cutting and other applications, has recently expanded its team and introduced new products to specifically address the needs of the North American Automotive Soft Trim Market. Customers in this market are typically Tier 1 suppliers to the automotive OEM’s that manufacture a wide range of products such as headliners, carpets, and NVH focused-components.

The U.S. automotive soft trim market has long utilized high-pressure robotic waterjet cutting to manufacture multiple components in vehicles and the TECHNI team envisions this process continuing for years to come. But, rather than using what is almost a pre-historic technology with hydraulic pump use, an increasing number of these customers are making the switch to TECHNI’s ESP smart technology. The ESP system is fully equipped with Advanced Diagnostics and supported by the TECHNI master service technicians ready to support their ongoing production needs.


TECHNI U.S. is located near Kansas City, Kansas, but it’s automotive group works together in a global, virtual manner with team members strategically positioned throughout the region where target customers are located. The TECHNI automotive team represents nearly 100 years of waterjet experience, most of which gained working for and with Tier 1 automotive soft trim suppliers.

The TECHNI automotive group is spearheaded by Kevin McManus, TECHNI’s U.S. President. For 15 years, McManus served as the President of what was arguably the largest global supplier of robotic waterjet equipment to automotive soft trim suppliers with operations of a global magnitude. Kevin is supported by tenured field experts Steve Reed, Dustin Voris, Jim Schlessman, and Adam Aeschliman. In addition, Jenifer McManus, TECHNI’S U.S. manager of marketing and market channel development, assists the team through business organization as well as working to develop solutions in meeting the unique and rather demanding needs of this industry group.

In addition to its highly experienced and very dedicated team of professionals, TECHNI is now offering its next generation of innovative electric servo pump (ESP) technology. Each pump comes equipped with TECHNI’s proprietary Advanced Diagnostics functionality. The diagnostics are designed to maximize the customer’s investment return by minimizing unplanned downtime related to pump operations, as well as support an expedited return to production if operations are suspended for maintenance reasons. TECHNI’s auto team knows how critical it is for customers in this market to make and deliver high quality parts, therefore every effort is made to keep our pumps running and generating profits for our customers.

TECHNI’s ESP pump products are far superior to the hydraulic pumps that have long been used by automotive tier suppliers. Just a few of the critical comparisons are listed below:

(all comparisons to standard hydraulic intensifiers)
  • Superior longevity of fittings and tubing – due to the elimination of “dead head” pressure spikes experienced using the alternative technology
  • Smartest technology – intelligent diagnostic controls work to prevent unplanned downtime related to pump operations
  • Most efficient waterjet pump – up to 60% more energy efficient
  • Lowest cooling water requirement – up to 75% less cooling water
  • Nearly silent operations– less than 70 dBA
  • Smallest footprint – over 50% less sq. ft. space required for placement
  • Easiest maintenance – ergonomic design leads to easy access
  • Superior design – quick change seal components result in being able achieve by far the fastest seal change timing in the industry
  • Environmentally Ethical– requires liters vs. barrels of oil

TECHNI Waterjet is the market leader and go-to group for all your technological needs ranging from production equipment, high-pressure pumps, process consulting and both cutting table and robotic programming support.

daimay-robot daimay-pump

 Mike Lukosavich [Daimay,North America]

“After having the Techni pumps for 1 ½ years, these pumps have proven reliable. The team at Techni is knowledgeable and very responsive to any questions my team and I have had.”


For additional information, please contact:

Jenifer J. McManus, TECHNI U.S. Manager, Marketing/Market Channel Development