TECHNI Waterjet™ at Fabtech 2014 in Atlanta, GA



TECHNI Waterjet™ featured the QUANTUM NXT™ Electric Servo Pump ESP66 Dual, and our TJ3000-X3® (5’ x 10’) Waterjet Cutting Machine, the PAC 60™ Five-Axis Cutting Head for taper elimination and 60° bevel cutting, and a few of the latest innovative products, the Rotary Axis and Quantum VP 15/52 at Fabtech 2014 in Atlanta, GA on November 11-13, 2014. Demonstrations were held throughout the entire show on the TJ3000-X3® “Premium” range machine, which offers the highest quality & accuracy of waterjet machines available.

The QUANTUM Electric Servo Pump™ incorporates a servo motor directly enveloping a high load, precision ball screw. The ball screw directly houses the ceramic plungers, which reciprocate back and forth to create the pumping action, in much the same way as a hydraulic cylinder works on an intensifier pump.

The TJ3000-X3® is built to the highest tolerances and incorporates Linear Scale Feedback to ensure the highest accuracy of motion in the industry. By mapping the entire cutting area with a laser-calibrated digital encoder, the motion system can deliver positional accuracy of 0.0005” (0.01mm) and high cutting speeds of up to1000ipm or 25m/min.

Also on display was the Rotary Axis, which is a Direct Drive motor assembly capable of accurately (+/- 0.1 degrees) positioning and contouring a work piece under the cutting stream. The new Rotary Axis is available on all models of TECHNI waterjets including the TJ3000-X3® machine.

The TECHNI Waterjet™ Quantum NXT™ incorporated with the TJ3000-X3® series waterjet is by far the most efficient and reliable waterjet set up offered on the market today.