TECHNI Waterjet Launches New Advertising Campaign


TECHNI Waterjet the world’s leading innovator in two and three dimensional waterjet cutting machinery has launched a new advertising campaign. The campaign is built around the innovative products and features which make their machines the Cleanest, Quietest and Most Profitable in the industry.

The entire TECHNI system is designed with customers in mind. The sole goal of a Techni waterjet machine is to maximize the return to the customer, while maintaining a clean and quiet working environment.

This is achieved through a series of clever innovations, starting with the Tech-sense Abrasive Monitoring device. By accurately monitoring and analyzing the vacuum in the garnet line, a TECHNI waterjet will know when the cutting head is performing as it should. This unique feature allows the machine to safely run unattended. Running unattended can save $1’000’s/month, or enable owner operators to do things they enjoy while their machine continues to make them money.

Through mobile phone communication the machine will inform an operator of the status of the machine at all times. These two features combine to allow true “Lights Out” operation, meaning the operator can Walk Away and the technology of the Tech-Sense will let the customer know when their work is complete via phone or text.

The Tech-Sense also allows another unique Techni feature to be possible. Submerged cutting is only possible when you can have the confidence to know your cutting head is performing correctly. Traditional Waterjets rely on a trained operator to constantly watch and listen to the cutting head, making submerged cutting impossible.

By cutting underwater the spray of the waterjet is contained within the tank water, keeping the customer’s facility free of messy abrasive dust which can damage other expensive machinery. Submerged cutting also keeps the noise level down to a minimum,

When these features are paired with the world’s only Electric Servo Pump, the Quantum NXT, the level of noise is significantly reduced, making the working environment more pleasant for all. At less than 68 dBA, the Quantum NXT is 800% quieter than a typical hydraulic intensifier pump at 80dBA.

The Quantum NXTuses a servo motor to directly drive the plungers, which results in up to 60% less power consumption.  Not only does the Quantum NXTuse less power, but the water consumption is also greatly reduced as the high efficiency servo motor requires minimal cooling.

All these features are combined together and built into the Techjet Premium Series. The Techjet is the most accurate and the fastest production waterjet available on the market, capable of positional accuracy of +/- 0.001” and speeds up to 960IPM.

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TECHNI Waterjet Advertising Campaign