TECHNI Waterjet™ Receives Patent for Quantum ESP™

TECHNI Waterjet the world’s leading innovator in two and three dimensional waterjet cutting machinery for the fabrication, stone, glass and metal industries is honored to announce according to The People’s Republic of China, the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office has granted the patent right for the Quantum ESP (Electric Servo Pump), issued the patent certificate, and been registered in the Patent Register as of August 27, 2014.  

The Quantum ESPHigh Pressure Waterjet Pump revolutionizes the waterjet industry. It was inspired by NASA’s program to replace hydraulic cylinders with direct servo linear actuator technology. The Quantum ESP™ uses the same concept NASA used on its space shuttle program when replacing all hydraulic cylinders with the more compact, precise, controllable and reliable, direct servo linear actuators. 

The Quantum ESP™ incorporates a servo motor that directly envelopes a high-load, precision ball screw, which house ceramic plungers that reciprocate back and forth. This creates a pumping action, similar to what a hydraulic cylinder does on an intensifier pump. The combination of the servo motor’s infinite control and the ball screw’s precision, yield a high level of accuracy in regard to output pressure and the volume of water displaced resulting in up to 60% less power consumption than inefficient hydraulic systems. 

The Quantum ESP™ is also 800% Quieter than a standard intensifier pump.  Coming in a less than 68dBA, the Quantum ESP is far quieter than a typical hydraulic pump, which is around 80dBA.

This brings the number of patents issued to TECHNI Waterjetover the past year to three, re-enforcing TECHNI’s position as the leading innovator of the Waterjet Industry. TECHNI Waterjet is expecting many more of their ESP patents to be granted around the World over the coming year.