TECHNI, ROCKTOPS, and GMA Garnet collaborative initiative

PRESS RELEASE: Stone fabricators – Are you struggling to process ultra-compact surface materials?

TECHNI Waterjet, ROCKTOPS, and GMA Garnet today announced a broad collaborative initiative to help individual, corporate, and commercial customers across North America enjoy the beauty and benefits of ultra-compact surface materials such as DEKTON and NEOLITH.
Stone Press Release

“Many US-based stone fabricators have routinely been avoiding customer requests to supply them with beautiful and durable solid surface products using materials such as DEKTON and NEOLITH, states Kevin McManus, President of TECHNI Waterjet LLC,“We are extremely fortunate to be aligned with Mike, Tim and ROCKTOPS here in the Kansas City area. ROCKTOPS is extremely professional and experienced, and are truly skilled craftsmen focused on creating beautiful solid surfaces and providing complete customer satisfaction. They produce such remarkable surface fabrications for their customers – these products are really fantastic to see, especially those with waterfall characteristics”. McManus further commented, “And as always, our good friends at GMA Garnet have stepped forward to help with one of their great garnet products – the GMA team is so easy to work with, so very friendly, reliable and responsive”.
Market demand for ultra-compact surface materials such as DEKTON and NEOLITH is growing extremely quickly stated Mike Hyer, one of ROCKTOPS owners, “We already owned a robotic combination machine for processing granite or quartz, but there’s no way we will process ultra-compact materials, or for that matter any projects where mitering is needed, on anything but our TECHNI machine.
Tim Richardson from ROCKTOPS elaborated that, “Many domestic fabricators have been reluctant to offer these fantastic surface materials and edges to their customers, largely because of the difficulty and expense of processing them. TECHNI’s cutting table, industry leading electric servo pump and PAC60 cutting head combined with GMA’s garnet, allow us to produce outstanding finish quality, especially mitered edges, in the shortest timeframe possible.

Pete Mitchell, GMA’s US Vice President of Sales commented “Ultra-compact surface materials are definitely growing in popularity and acceptance, and abrasive waterjet cutting is the perfect way to process this material”. “TECHNI is a recognized global leader in waterjet technology, especially for solid surface materials, and the team at ROCKTOPS is truly helping the US market understand how to process this material”.
In addition, the collaboration group greatly appreciates COSENTINO for the broad array of beautiful DEKTON slabs that they have provided to both ROCKTOPS and TECHNI Waterjet for their demonstration and productions areas.

TECHNI Waterjet, ROCKTOPS, and GMA will be holding a technical seminar in the Kansas City area on June 14th, starting at 10:00 a.m. Please call Jen McManus at 312-965-9411 or e-mail her at to register. If you’re a current stone fabrication company, or are otherwise interested in learning more about using waterjet to process ultra-compact surface materials you really need to attend this event. To ensure seminar participants get the most from their time with us, we unfortunately need to limit the attendance for this seminar, so please register with Jen at your earliest possible convenience.

About TECHNI Waterjet: TECHNI is the recognized global leader for applying electric servo motor technology to virtually all pumping applications where reliability and precision control are mandated. Techni’s innovative electric servo motor actuators are highly compact, extremely efficient, reliable, and quiet and are also infinitely controllable. Techni creatively utilizes its patented servo technology in its own series of ultra-high pressure waterjet pumps, manufactures a wide range of industry leading profile products and aftermarket services. Techni focuses on the ongoing development and manufacture of high-value process cycle time, achieve optimal product quality and minimize costs including those related to machine downtime. Operating now for almost 30 years, Techni supports its global customer base with direct sales, service and business operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

About ROCKTOPS: Locally owned and operated by Mike Hyer and Tim Richardson who are proud to serve not only Johnson County but the entire Kansas City area. ROCKTOPS specialize in the fabrication and installation of natural stone, including granite, marble, quartz, and limestone. They use a unique, organized process to make sure your experience is stress-free and the final product meets your expectations.

About GMA: The GMA Garnet Group (GMA) is an integrated garnet mining, processing, shipping, global marketing and distribution organization providing the highest quality industrial garnet for the surface preparation and waterjet cutting industries.