TECHNI Waterjet Wins Award for Innovation in Germany at Euroblech 2010


TECHNI Waterjet is pleased to announce the acceptance of an award at Euroblech 2010 Germany. This award represents innovation in the field of separation technology and was won with the newly developed Electric Servo Pump also known as the Quantum ESP. This recognition of achievement has paved the way for the successful launch into Europe for the company; the Quantum ESP is setting a new standard for the waterjet industry with focus on efficiency and accuracy.

The Quantum ESP is breakthrough technology for the Waterjet Industry, representing the greatest change in the Industry for more than 25 years says Darren Reukers, Managing Director of TECHNI Waterjet. We have breakthrough technology because it does not rely on an inefficient hydraulic system, but instead uses the servo motor to directly drive the plungers, resulting in significantly less power to operate, up to 60% in most cases. The water consumption is also greatly reduced as the high efficiency servo motor requires minimal cooling. These two factors, as well as the reduced size, noise, and oil requirements, make the Quantum ESP an environmentally friendly solution.