Nasa Stones Pty Ltd.

sammy-in-front-of-waterjet-2Samer Hmoozi, Owner of Nasa Stones Pty Ltd., does his research. For months, Hmoozi searched for a waterjet company to meet specific criteria for his growing business. Nasa Stones specializes in creating high-quality stone products from kitchen countertops to fireplaces to marble walls on the inside of elevators. They needed a waterjet system to work as hard and efficient as they did. Hmoozi visited a current TECHNI Waterjet™ customer to evaluate a live waterjet and knew immediately TECHNI Waterjet™ was the company he had been searching for.

“I left the customer’s location and was excited about what I saw. I was impressed with the quality of the TECHNI product. Seeing the Quantum NXT™ Electric Servo Pump and the PAC 60® in operation was truly what I was hoping to find. I’ve been doing my research. TECHNI Waterjet™ comes highly recommended,” stated Hmoozi.

The 7 year old company has recently relocated to a larger facility. Incoming power supply was an issue for the new location, but not an issue for TECHNI Waterjet’s Quantum NXT™ Electric Servo Pump and Intec 713-G2® (7’ x 13’) Waterjet Cutting System. Because of the low power requirements of our systems, they were able to operate without upgrading the incoming power supply, ultimately saving them money.

“The Quantum NXT™ is great. When we were doing our research on pumps, we found the Quantum NXT™ pump is the best in the world,” said Hmoozi.

With the Intec 713-G2®, Nasa Stones has the ability to load one sheet of stone, cut all the panels, including the side panels with bevel cuts. With the integration of the PAC 60® Five Axis Cutting Head on their waterjet, it gives them the capabilities to cut a +/- 60 degree bevel with continuous rotation and account for taper compensation.
“There are new products in the market (Dekton & Porcelain). The best option of cutting these types of materials is a waterjet. Our supplier highly recommended we cut the material with a waterjet because it will lessen the chance to crack the material and also achieve a better finish,” said Hmoozi.

After sales support and top of the line service and installation is a priority for the high end stone company and something they are familiar with as their end product is often times the focal point of a room. Their product has to be perfect every time and they make it a precedence to exceed their customer’s expectations. They wanted a waterjet company to do the same for them.

“TECHNI has an excellent service team, and they make us feel like we are a partnership with them. There are too many reasons we have to highly recommended TECHNI Waterjet™. The first reason is they have the greatest Service Technicians; from customer service to the installation of the machine to the training. The second reason is the Intec 713-G2® is doing a great job,” said Hmoozi.

With TECHNI Waterjet™ investing in high quality Service Technicians with more than 20 years experience and knowing TECHNI was the manufacture of the total Waterjet system, including software, gave Nasa Stones the confidence TECHNI was the right choice for them.

Planet Granite chooses TECHNI waterjet cutting technology for new factory

When Steve Murphy was looking for machinery for the new, 500m2 factory he was building for his business, Planet Granite, last year he had already decided it should include a waterjet cutter. Steve is happy enough with the extra sales engineered quartz brings to his business, both for his own installations and the kitchen worktops he manufactures for the trade’s templaters and fixers. And he believes the new generation of superdense sintered products and porcelains, such as Dekton and Neolith, will bring him an even bigger share of the worktop market.

Nevertheless, although he has encompassed Cosentino’s Dekton enthusiastically, he has experienced how temperamental it can sometimes be, which helped him reach the decision to include a waterjet in his new workshop. And as well as cutting quartz, Dekton and Neolith, Steve is also cutting natural quartzite and granite. With the variety of material he is using he liked the idea that a waterjet can cut a whole range of materials without having to keep changing the tools being used, as is the case with bridge saws and work centres. One of the first materials Steve cut with his new waterjet was pumpkins to make Halloween lanterns – which is not as odd as it might sound because water jets are widely used in food preparation.

Among the advantages of water jets with natural and engineered stone is that they can cut tight, almost square inside corners and do not have to cut into a waste area to complete outside corners, maximising the finished product that can be obtained from each slab of material being used. Minimizing waste through the possibility of having the cut lines close together bears another important opportunity. Waterfall edges is a new countertop trend that is here to stay. A TECHNI Waterjet with PAC – 5 Axis Cutting System – provides the perfect solution. A waterfall edge not only requires a high-quality cut for successful mitering, but also an intact stone texture. The TECHNI Waterjet will handle the bevelled edges with ease and speed, eliminating secondary processes to prepare the edges for gluing. The close together cut lines don’t disturb the veins or texture of the stone, so that a waterfall edge has the desired looks. “It’s mega,” says Steve, standing next to his new waterjet as it cuts the outline of the worktop and then holes for the taps and sink in a Dekton surface destined for a domestic kitchen. The waterjet is so quiet he is perfectly audible talking at a normal, conversational level, which is another benefit of his waterjet he particularly likes.

TECHNI is a global company that has been around for 27 years, the past 19 of which it has been making water jets. It has sold more than 850 of them worldwide in that time. In the UK, TECHNI water jets have been sold for the past two years by Glass Machinery Solutions (GMS), which also sells Bavelloni CNC work centres. Glass Machinery Solutions knew Steve quite well and Steve allowed them to come to visit him when they asked if they could present the waterjet to him. Although they didn’t think there was a prospect for a sale, because Steve had his mind set on a Combi. However, when it was explained to Steve that having a saw and a waterjet together significantly reduces throughput. The next day he ordered a five axes i713-G2™. This machine is in the TECHNI Intec range, which Glenn says is what stone processors in other countries typically choose. TECHNI says the Intec G2 series “represents the greatest value for money in the world of profile abrasive waterjet cutting”. It “lasts longer and requires less maintenance” while “delivering an easy to use, fast and accurate system at a very competitive price”.

The machines are manufactured in the USA, Australia and Thailand. One of the selling points for Steve was that TECHNI design and makes all the major components themselves, or as TECHNI calls it, ‘total technology’. The company makes its own pumps and writes its own software, which includes systems analysis and internet connection. And TECHNI only makes water jets. The company is particularly proud of its pumps. It claims to be the first waterjet manufacturer using direct servo pumps (which it has patented) using technology first applied by NASA in the Space Shuttle programme. It says they are 60% more efficient than standard hydraulic intensifiers using 75% less water for cooling. They also use less power and oil and are particularly quiet. Their big advantage is that they only provide as much pressure as is needed when it is needed, so when the waterjet is not cutting, the pump is in standby mode rather than sending power, water and money down the drain through a relief valve.

TECHNI also lays claim to having been one of the first to develop five axes waterjet cutting and to have produced a head that could rotate through a full 360º. And it is proud of its stainless steel band drive system, which it incorporated in the first waterjet it made and has used ever since. Most bridge drives use a rack and pinion or ballscrew, but Glenn says TECHNI’s stainless steel band is ‘bullet proof’ for reliability and when it needs changing it takes 30 minutes, reducing maintenance downtime, and costs just £150. Steve is delighted with his new workshop, the inside walls of which he has decorated with pictures of a marble quarry for the benefit of those customers who like to see where and how their worktops are being made. The factory created three new jobs, bringing Steve’s workforce up to 10, and opened just in time for one of Planet Granite’s busiest pre-Christmas seasons ever.

The work going through the factory included £8,500 worktops for a UK customer’s house in the French ski resort of Morzine, near Geneva. Planet Granite’s templaters and fixers flew out to the resort to measure up and fix the worktops.

Stadium Super Trucks Stays on Track

Pic 2 compressed

Racing a versatile off-road truck over man-made ramps, flying through the air almost 25 feet off the ground, and dominating challenging dirt tracks is an adventurous day job. Robby Gordon, a forerunner in racing and off-road vehicle design and owner of Robby Gordon Motorsports, has created an entire series dedicated to just that type of racing.  The Stadium Super Trucks (SST) Series has taken off thanks to Gordon and his team.  The high-powered trucks produce 600 horsepower and generate speeds up to 130 miles per hour.

Robby Gordon has had success on the race track at NASCAR, IndyCar, TransAm, Dakar Rally, and now the Stadium Super Trucks series has grown wildly successful. Stadium Super Trucks is also an international success with series in Australia, England, Canada, and throughout the United States.  Gordon has been designing and developing in the racing industry for 30 years and knows how to build a state-of-the-art vehicle.  In order to build these types of machines, Gordon and his team need many different types of high tech equipment.

“A waterjet is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment for prototyping. You can’t put a price on the turnaround and time saved by having a waterjet in-house,” stated Gordon.

Housed within the RGM facility in Charlotte, N.C. is a TECHNI Waterjet ILS 55 (5’x5’) Waterjet Cutting System capable of cutting up to 6” thick material.   Mainly .040-1”aluminum, .063-.5” chromoly, plastics and other materials that are non-metallic are cut on the waterjet.

“Tongue and groove parts, small holes in sheet metal and non-metallic materials were impossible to cut in-house without our waterjet. It saves time and allows you to work in areas that might otherwise be impossible to work on. The ability to make custom tools is essential. Lexan parts and custom tools are some of the most interesting parts I’ve fabricated on the waterjet,” said Gordon.

With a fast-paced schedule, Gordon needs quick turnaround to accommodate deadlines. Having a waterjet in house is instrumental for Gordon and his team of fabricators.

“Our TECHNI Waterjet is invaluable since it allows for fast prototyping at a lower cost than outsourcing,” stated Gordon.

Not only does housing a waterjet save money, but it also saves Robby Gordon Motorsports time. What once took 2-3 weeks to outsource now only takes a day or two to create from drawing the part to a finished cut piece.

“It reduces the development time by days, if not weeks,” added Gordon.

One of the biggest advantages of waterjet cutting is the waterjet’s inherent cold cutting quality. This allows materials to be cut that would otherwise be burned, melted, or cracked by other cutting methods. Some thermal processes, such as lasers or plasmas, cause surface hardening, warping and emission of hazardous gasses. In contrast, materials cut with waterjet undergo no thermal stress, eliminating such undesirable results.

“Accuracy is very important and having accurate edges without a heat affected zone is crucial,” added Gordon.

TECHNI Waterjet’s are capable of delivering positional accuracy of 0.0005” (0.01mm) and high cutting speeds of up to 1000ipm or 25m/min.

The extreme racing series is set to race all over the world with jumps up to 10m high, sure to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. With a growing fan base and an expanding schedule, SST needs the precise tools to keep things running smoothly.

“I don’t ever want to run my shop without a TECHNI Waterjet ever again. I don’t know how I functioned without one,” stated Gordon.

DECOGLAZE™ Adds Second Waterjet After 12 Years

Waterjet Glass Cutter

Established in Sydney, Australia in 1998, DecoGlaze™ is the world leader in glass manufacturing, measuring, and installing of colored glass splash backs in the glass splash backs industry. With distributors now in the ACT, South Coast, Hunter Valley, Central West and Central Coast, DecoGlaze™ is committed to providing the highest quality products with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

The 17 year old glass cutting specialist typically cuts Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office splash backs and mirrors for both residential and commercial areas. All of which are difficult to cut, but a job made easy with a waterjet. The waterjet software imports ready to cut files with just a click of a button, minimize pre-production time with a single setup for all applications, no tooling is required and an easy load system for handling with safety and comfort.

“Adding the GlassMaster™ Waterjet Cutting System has opened up doors for us due to the high demand for our product. We are now able to keep up with the constant demand of our colored splash backs. It’s important to us to meet our goals and even more important to exceed customer expectations,” said Jason Hedges, Managing Director at DecoGlaze™.

DecoGlaze™ first purchased a Techjet® 3000 (5’x10’) in 2003. This machine has now accumulated more than 15,000 operating hours and cut over 100,000 Linear meters. This time around, DecoGlaze™ went with a bigger machine, the Intec 612 G2® GM (6’x12’).

“We have experienced 12 years of long term hassle free production from the TECHNI waterjet. We knew adding a second TECHNI Waterjet™ was the right choice because of their superior technology and the fact that they produce the waterjet, hopper and pump. Not all waterjet companies can say that. That matters to us,” stated Hedges.

DecoGlaze™ is so confident in the quality of their colored splash backs they offer a ten year written guarantee on every splash back they install. Their dedication to quality is a high priority for them.

“Quality of the end product and superb customer service are two components we will refuse to give in on. We wanted a waterjet company that holds those values as much as we do, which is why TECHNI Waterjet™ was a clear choice for our second machine,” stated Hedges.

Brenner GmbH & Co Reduces Electricity Costs with Quantum ESP

Brenner 2

For over 25 years, Brenner GmbH & Co. has been a global leader in the foam and elastomer industry due to their ability to cut with high precision, high pressure waterjets.  Operating 14 waterjets with a range between three and twenty cuttings nozzles per waterjet, Brenner is able to produce more than 300 million parts per year, mainly high-quality PU or PE foams.

With years of expertise combined with state of the art technology, Brenner GmbH & Co has been able to secure their position as world market leaders in their product segment.  That is one of the reasons Managing Director, Mario Brenner, turned to TECHNI Waterjet™ when the company needed to reduce costs, but keep up the same amount of production with high quality results.  Brenner relied on TECHNI’s Quantum NXT™ Electric Servo Pump Dual to accompany their large range of waterjets to not only keep costs down, but also reduce noise level and downtime due to ease of maintenance as well as reduce their Carbon Footprint.

Compared to other hydraulic pumps running the same production, TECHNI’s Quantum NXT™ is able to significantly diminish their electricity bill by 22%. Those savings add up to a large sum when Brenner is running their waterjets at full capacity 80-90 hours per week and nearly 18 hours per day.

“We did a comparison with an identical machine running on the same parts (same nozzle quantity, same pressure, etc.). We achieved a reduction of energy of approx. 22% in comparison to a competitor’s pump,” stated Mario Brenner, Managing Director of Brenner GmbH & Co.

Not only does Brenner rely on cutting costs with their Quantum, but also cutting down on noise.  The Quantum is 800% quieter than a typical hydraulic intensifier, which adds up to a huge noise reduction when cutting with 14 waterjets.  Typical hydraulic intensifiers run at 80 dBa, while TECHNI’s Quantum NXT™ runs at less than 68 dBa.

“Noise reduction is always a desirable feature,” said Brenner.

Brenner is committed to using economical resources with minimum environmental impact, which is one more reason they chose TECHNI’s Quantum NXT™.

“Nowadays achieving a smaller footprint while reducing costs and becoming more environmentally friendly is one of the most important characteristics of any technical equipment,” explained Brenner.

The Quantum NXT™ is by far the most environmentally friendly, has the least affect on global warming, and has the smallest carbon footprint of any waterjet cutting pump available on the market today.

Brownhills Glass Co. Ltd Reaches New Level of Service with TECHNI Waterjet

From commercial interiors to glass furniture to balustrades, Brownhills Glass Co. Ltd has been serving the greater U.K. area since 1979.  One of the leading glass merchant and processers for over 30 years, Brownhills Glass prides themselves on their exceptional glass products as well their outstanding customer service.

One of the numerous ways Brownhills Glass continues to market themselves as a top of the line glass manufacture is to keep state-of-the-art and up to date CNC machines on their shop floor.   Brownhills Glass wanted to replace their old unreliable waterjet cutting machine with a good quality waterjet to improve production and reduce the lead time to keep their superb level of customer service at its best.

The U.K. based Glass Company decided to purchase a TECHNI Waterjet Glass Master i612-G2 (6’x12’) Waterjet Cutting System complete with the Quantum NXT 55s Electric Servo Pump.

Brownhills Glass has been committed to providing the best quality glass products backed up by first class customer service for the last 30 years and is looking forward to providing the same level of service for the next 30+ years.  In order to do that, they searched for a waterjet company who provides the most innovative waterjet products available in the industry.  Their solution was TECHNI Waterjet.

Leciejewscy Upgrades to a TECHNI Waterjet

Leciejewscy Founded in 1977 as a metalworking shop, Leciejewscy is used to high performance and reliable machinery to handle all of their customers’ needs.  For more than 35 years the owners of the company have constantly been looking for new and innovative machinery to keep their business ahead of the competitors.  In 2008, Leciejewscy invested in a waterjet to increase their business with the ability to cut solely with water and abrasive.

“There were quality issues with cutting material on the old waterjet machine. The waterjet would not correctly slow down on edges and was cutting on a constant speed (unable to adjust). In addition, we were working on a 12 hour shift every day, so we needed an additional machine in case the waterjet would break down,” stated Hubert Leciejewscy, Owner of Leciejewscy.

After extensive research, Leciejewscy purchased a TECHNI Waterjet™ Intec 510-G2® integrated with a Quantum NXT™ 55 Electric Servo Pump.  One reason the company wanted a TECHNI setup was because the Quantum NXT™ is up to 60% more efficient than hydraulic intensifier pumps, which is what they were dealing with before their TECHNI purchase.

With cutting ten hours a day Monday through Friday, Leciejewscy has seen a 30% drop in their electricity bill alone.  Not only has the company seen lower power consumption, but the noise level has also drastically reduced.  Another option the Poland based company incorporated with their Intec 510-G2® was the Water Raise/Lower option, which will further reduce the noise level as well as the abrasive spray due to cutting above water.

“The Water Raise/Lower has greatly improved the work atmosphere and now it is possible to be around the machine with a job shop customer and discuss future cooperation, without the noise that used to be before,” emphasized Leciejewscy.

Leciejewscy was unable to cut 100mm material with their previous waterjet and could not get the machine to correctly slow down on edges and corners, resulting in poor quality parts. With TECHNI’s TruCut ™ corner ramping algorithm’s and Softec ™ Waterjet Software, superior waterjet parts are easily produced.  The advanced nesting capabilities of Softec ™ NEST also saves the company ample time on the pre cutting process, while achieving maximum material usage. The end result is high quality waterjet cut parts, produced quickly and simply, with a minimum amount of waste.

“Before we purchased our TECHNI Waterjet™, we were more of a machining company making various kinds of tools. Due to the investment in the Waterjet, we have had a big increase in productivity (cutting and internal processing). The overall turnover increased more than 100%. One additional advantage is that we are able to cut most materials including glass, stone, plastic, etc. up to a thickness of 200mm,” said Leciejewscy.

Mears Machine Corporation Adds Second Waterjet

Mears Machine

Many companies make purchasing decisions based on the quality, service, and price of the product after months of research to finally commit to the one brand they find will fit their specific criteria. Mears Machine Corporation didn’t need to research which waterjet brand to add to their lineup because they knew TECHNI Waterjet™ was the only company worth entertaining for their second waterjet.  It was an easy decision for Bryan Dobbs, General Forman at Mears Machine.

“We had experienced exceptional, long term service support from TECHNI.  We knew adding a second TECHNI Waterjet was the right choice because of their service support, and their superior machine,” stated Dobbs.

Mears Machine first purchased a Techjet 1500® (3’x5’) TECHNI Waterjet in 2002. This time around, Mears went with a bigger machine, the TJ3000-X3® (5’x10’) accompanied with the Quantum NXT™ 66 Electric Servo Pump.  They also upgraded to the PAC 60™ Five-Axis Cutting Head and added the Garnet Removal System.

“Adding the PAC 60™ has changed the way we do business due to its versatility. We have been able to make more precise cuts and even able to cut parts on our new waterjet that we would have previously machined, saving our company time and money,” said Dobbs.

The 49 year old machine shop typically cuts ½” to 3” thick high temperature alloys such as Inconel Alloy, Hastelloy-X Alloy, and Waspaloy.  All of which are difficult to machine, but a piece of cake for a waterjet, especially with Tech-Sense™ Abrasive Monitoring System.  The Tech-Sense™ monitors the cutting head and pauses the program prior to any abrasive blockage, making the waterjet a “hands free” operation.

“The Tech-Sense™ has decreased our downtime since it monitors the cutting head and the time to diagnose an issue is significantly less.  It’s much easier to communicate an issue with the Techni service team, which saves time and money, and decreases the possibility of making unnecessary repairs,” added Dobbs.

From the time Mears purchased their first waterjet and pump to the time they added the second waterjet and pump, technology has significantly changed.  Before, Mears Machine was running their waterjet from an old intensifier pump.  Now, with the Quantum NXT™ Electric Servo Pump their downtime has drastically been reduced.

“The main difference we see between the two pumps is the time to change the seals.  Before, with the hydraulic intensifier pump, it would take at least 4 hours to change the seals.  Now it only takes about 20 minutes! Another added benefit is the significant noise reduction,” stated Dobbs.

With almost silent operation at less than 68 dBA, the Quantum NXT™ is 800% quieter than Mears Machine’s out dated hydraulic intensifier which runs at 72 dBA, making the Quantum NXT™ the quietest pump on the market.

Ultimately, what prompted Mears Machine to return to TECHNI for their second waterjet?  Our service.

“The TECHNI Service team is exceptional. One time TECHNI Service re-routed their Service Technician to address our issues. We were back up and running within 24 hours. That’s important to us,” explained Dobbs.

Fabrication Associates, Captures New Business with TECHNI Waterjet

Fabrication AssociatesWhat started out as a small company has today developed into a 117,000 square foot facility that strives to meet each customers fabricating needs.

Fabrication Associates, Inc. is exceptionally dedicated to their customers, which is one of the reasons they purchased a TECHNI Waterjet Intec 1020 (10×20) Waterjet Cutting System. Purchasing the TECHNI Waterjet Intec 1020 was one of the easiest decisions Ive made. Since installation, the waterjet runs at least 8, 9 or 10 hours day. It makes fabricating a lot less of a hassle and speeds up the process, which in turn increases business.

Our customers require a quick turn around and the faster we can get the project out the door, the more business we can bring in, said Little. The waterjet has saved us a lot of time, which equals money in my pocket.

Robby Gordon Motorsports Speeds Up Production with TECHNI Waterjet

Robby GordonRobby Gordon is a busy man. Between racing 43 out of the 52 weeks a year and owning and operating his own racing franchise, Robby has little time to rest. That is one of the reasons why he is so grateful for his TECHNI Waterjet ILS 55 Waterjet Cutting System.

JETCUT Case Study – Save $20,200 per year on running costs with ESP

jet cut australiaJetcut Save $20,200 per year on running costs with their waterjet cutting machine. Reduce waste and costs therefore increase profit. Better for the environment and better for your bottom line.

One customer that has had the Quantum ESP since mid-2009 is a family owned business in Wetherill Park. Marina Pavani, owner of Jetcut, says this machine builds on the positive experience she has had with the others she has purchased. This is our third TECHNI Waterjet machine, she says. It speaks for itself, the fact that this is the third waterjet bought from TECHNI Waterjet.

Regarding the Quantum ESP in particular, Pavani says the machine has been a boom in terms of increased productivity, among other things.

Jose Munoz praises TECHNI Waterjets industry first waterjet pump

Jose-MunozWaterjet Industry pioneer and inventor Jose Munoz praises TECHNI Waterjets industry first waterjet pump; the Quantum ESP (Electric Servo Pump), with a letter to the Managing Director Mr Darren Reukers.

Jose Munoz Letter

TECHNI Waterjet Interview With Robby Gordon

TriTech Solutions Start up their Business with a TECHNI Waterjet Machine – April 2013

New Business Start Up With a TECHNI Water jet Machine

blog02Three local entrepreneurs started the most recent TriTech Solutions. Members of the town say this business has the potential and the precision – to go a long way.

Pieces of metal like the ones made at TriTech Solutions are typically made with some sort of torch or saw. But believe it or not, both were cut with no blade and no heat – just water.

Meyer Enterprises Expands Business with their New Waterjet

blog04Who says you need to start out a business with an entire team of skilled craftsmen and a warehouse stocked full of state of the art equipment! Allen Meyer didn’t, and today twenty-four years later, he is still adding innovative machines to his shop in order to produce high-quality products for every customer who comes in the door. Having started Meyer Enterprises in 1989 in a garage with only a Snap-On tool box and a desire to build parts, Meyer wanted to open up a machine shop that found real solutions for commercial machining and fabrication.

When new equipment was under consideration, productivity was a challenge the company faced. Now, with the larger facility and their TECHNI Waterjet Intec-G2 510 (5×10) Waterjet Cutting System complete with a QUANTUM NXT 55 Electric Servo Pump, Meyer Enterprises is able to take on any customer with any challenge.

Abcor Incorporates Dual Tank Waterjet Cutter for High Production Applications

Abcor IncorporatesFounded in 1971, ABCOR is an industry leader in the fabrication and assembly of truck and transport welded metal components. Its products range in size and complexity, from chassis rails and cross members, to stainless steel grab rails, aluminium bull bars, bumpers and audio brackets.

ABCOR has continually invested in the latest technology to develop a state-of-the-art manufacturing centre capable of producing products in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The new machine from TECHNI will predominantly be used to cut 12mm-thick aluminium bull bar components before they are welded together. Due to the versatility of Waterjet cutting, the system will also be used to cut a wide range of other components, from a variety of different materials and thicknesses. Waterjet technology offers the greatest flexibility and versatility of any profile cutting system available. Waterjet can cut almost any material up to 200mm (8’) thick.

The new machine is an I713 Dual Station, five-axis waterjet cutter, and is equipped with a Quantum® NXT55D Electric Servo Pump (ESP), also from TECHNI. The Dual Station allows for continual operation, as one station can be loaded or unloaded while the other continues cutting. The system incorporates features that enhance efficiency while reducing noise and mess. The dual tank system was originally designed for a large fabrication company to increase their capabilities, and is now available as a standard product from TECHNI.

Waterjet cuts through stone, granite and marble at Natural Stone Creations

Waterjet cuts through stone granite and marbleDan Hickey never thought he would be in the stone industry, let alone own a high pressure waterjet and cut through stone. When Hickey was in college at Purdue, he heard about a waterjet and thought they were one of the most unique and innovative cutting systems in the world. Little did he know twenty years later, he would own his very own TECHNI Waterjet ™ Intec® 612 Waterjet Cutting System. Switching careers after thirteen years in corporate America to own his own business was quite a change for Hickey. Today, Natural Stone Creations is one of the top stone manufacturers in Indiana. From marble to granite to onyx, Natural Stone Creations blasts through stone to create impeccable counter tops and unique designs.

Time is an important factor in any business, and with the Intec® 612, time is reduced on many jobs by more than half. With the dramatic decrease in material handling, Natural Stone Creations is able to produce more products in a shorter amount of time. “It used to take me three hours to cut out a particular part of granite. With the waterjet, it takes me only thirty minutes. I’m saving two hours right there,” Hickey stated.

What made Hickey choose a TECHNI Waterjet ™ for his stone cutting business? “This machine is so versatile. Not only can we benefit from cutting stone faster, but we are also able to increase our business in other ways as well.” Natural Stone Creations does more than just cut stone. They also cut plastic and foam for companies such as Toyota and Gatorade. Eventually, Hickey plans to own two or three Waterjets. He believes his business would benefit from multiple Waterjets and be able to meet the demand of the very wide range of customers he serves.