Toce River – A link between Savoia Srl and Gmm Spa

Aug 7th 2018 – Toce River begins in the remote Lepontine Alps where the glaciers are fighting for resisting the warming climate. After a few kilometers of life, it falls for 143 meters, the highest waterfall in Europe, and it makes its way to Lago Maggiore. Its green cold water along the way is used to produce 3% of the electric energy being used in Italy. But reaching toward the end it loses power and becomes navigable. In past centuries it was used to transport the blocks of marble extracted from the quarries of Candoglia in Milan for the construction of the Cathedral Duomo.

It was Gian Galeazzo Visconti, founder of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, which in 1387 donated the Candoglia quarries to the Fabbrica del Duomo and granted free marble transport to Milan through the waterways, so that it was always possible to have plenty of Candoglia Marble to preserve the magnificence of the work unchanged over the centuries, as a tangible mark of the religious ideals of the all Italian people.

Toce River hasn’t lost its magic today, it is always a link between two companies Savoia Marmi e Graniti and Gmm S.P.A.

Savoia Marmi e Graniti is located in Ornavasso town in the Ossola Valley, on the edge of the Toce River while GMM is located at the mouth of the river itself; Savoia is producing mostly kitchen work tops distributing them in North Italy and Europe.
The company is owned by the Savoia brother Fabrizio and Pierangelo with their strength and passion they have created a young, dynamic company which since the beginning has never stopped growing.
The Savoia Company was one of the first to believe that Gmm camera software is the key for the success and in fact, in their facility the Rotex bridge saw with rotating head was installed as prototype and being tested. This was the solution for slabs cut to size, not long after a second machine, Egil, was installed and just last year Extesa with the patented Vacuum lifting system started to work in the new Savoia facility.

Toce water brings life and new ideas for the two companies and its stream made the new Gmm project coming true; Gmm 5 axis Waterjet, INTEC 713 G2.

Today the two companies are really proud of the newly installed waterjet machine and its innovative technology with the patented 360° continuous rotating head with the Quantum Electro-Servo-Intensifier, high-pressure pump at 4500 BAR (66.000PSI).

The Quantum patented pump, is able to perform 3,8 l/min at 4500 BAR, due to its technology and it is able to operate with only 3% pressure loss during the inversion while consuming 40% less energy as compared to hydraulic intensifiers.
This technology was not available in the market before and the Ceramic material cutting straight and bevelled is now more cost-efficient. The system performs with low cost of maintenance and its mechanics is expressly developed for aggressive abrasive garnet machine operation.

We have now a new stream in the valley; Intec 713 G2, which beside Toce River will support Gmm and Savoia.

[Case-study written by GMM Spa]

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January 2019 update

During their first 6 months ownership of GMM/Techni waterjet system Intec 713 and Quantum NXT, Savoia Marmi e Graniti has been conducting an analysis on their operating costs.

Fabrizio Savoia compared his new Quantum 50hp pump and his old 30hp direct drive pump and noted an approx. 25% reduction on electricity consumption. Moreover, by using a more powerful pump he observed a similar saving on the abrasive.

The results are based on 850 hours of operation.