Case Study
Korat Steel Center

How a metal specialised contractor is making use of the waterjet machine to overcome plasma and laser limitations and diversify their customers

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Offer a unique service with new technology

Improve flexibility to diversify the customers

Extend customer base and secure larger contracts


Recognition for being the only business in the area to offer waterjet cutting service

Ability to process virtually any type of material

Ability to work with sheets of materials above 25mm thickness maintaning high cut quality

Industry of Reference and Services

Established in 1993, Korat Steel Center Co. Ltd. is a Thailand contractor that specialises in forming, folding, welding, assembling, designing and cutting metal workpieces utilising a variety of different technologies:

  • CNC Waterjet
  • Automatic band saws
  • CO2 Laser
  • CNC Plasma, oxyfuel
  • CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shear
  • CNC Synchronized Hydraulic Press

What Prompted Korat Steel to Waterjet Technology

When it comes to metals, the waterjet process leaves a nice finish on the material’s surface which is also exempt from heat-affected zones (HAZ) and therefore will not alter the inner structure of the material itself.

Owning both plasma and laser machines which have thickness cutting limitations, Korat Steel needed technology to maintain high-quality results when cutting above 25mm thick metal sheets. As they are dealing mainly with stainless steel, they understood that waterjet would be ideal.

The Advantages of Owning a Waterjet

This is why in October 2017 Korat Steel purchased the Intec-G2 510 waterjet system, a great value for money with the smartly sized 1525mm x 3050mm (5’10’) cutting table that accommodates large slabs while fitting easily into almost any workshop.

Korat Steel Waterjet Machine
Thanks to the Techni Waterjet® machine, Korat Steel Center is able to take on any type of contract cutting job with confidence. The fact that the waterjet technology is not yet so popular in the country gives them a unique selling point, setting them above the competition in their large market area.

With the addition of the waterjet system they started to diversify their customers by working for different types of industries other than metal only. Korat Steel is now opening up to the stone and glass industries as new clients understand that they can process any type of material.

25mm SS Korat Steel
30mm Granite Cut Korat Steel

Comments from the Customer

Waterjet cutting process allows for rapid set up times, no tooling and reduced need for secondary operations due to its accuracy and quality of the cut edge.

Korat Steel Center can count on the most advanced technology available, which translates into operation simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

Techni Waterjet is providing quite a unique support as they can offer OEM service and OEM spare parts for our waterjet system.

We can count on specialised technicians who have complete knowledge of the entire equipment and are able to perform effective online troubleshooting or a timely on-site service; this way our uptime is maximized and we are ensured that the waterjet will perform at its best for the longest time possible.”

– Mr Santi Roongrojkajonkit, Vice President of Korat Steel Center.