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Water Jet Pump Core Technology

Proven & Reliable
The Quantum® Electric Servo Pump is a revolutionary concept that incorporates core “direct servo” technology that NASA first applied for the Space Shuttle Program by replacing old-fashioned hydraulic cylinders with new, highly compact, efficient, reliable and infinitely controllable Servo Linear Actuators. This same style actuator is used today in many high-end machine tools and presses, replacing inefficient hydraulic systems.

Real Efficiency Gains

Up to 60% more efficient than standard hydraulic intensifiers

Lowest Cooling Water Requirement

Up to 75% less cooling water than
standard hydraulic intensifiers

Longest Life Fittings & Tubing

Due to the elimination of ”dead head” pressure spikes

Smallest Carbon Footprint

Up to 50% fewer sq. ft. than an average hydraulic intensifier and lower

faster. quieter. smarter

Quantum®: Electric Servo Pump
New, highly compact, efficient, reliable and infinitely controllable Servo Linear Actuators.
TECHNI Waterjet Servo Pump - TECHNI Waterjet


The Future in Waterjet
Pumping Technology

The Techni Waterjet® Quantum® water jet pump is a revolutionary concept in waterjet cutting. It incorporates a servo motor directly enveloping a high load, precision ball screw. The ball screw now houses the ceramic plungers, which reciprocate back and forth to create the pumping action in much the same way a hydraulic cylinder works on an intensifier waterjet pump.

The infinite control of the servo motor and precision of the ball screw enable extremely accurate control over the output pressure and volume of the water displaced and eliminates pressure spikes when dead-heading. This infinite control allows an operator to program virtually any pressure and flow rate from zero to full capacity while only the power is displaced at the cutting head.

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Reduced Noise - TECHNI Waterjet

Most Efficient

Up to 60% more efficient than
Hydraulic Intensifiers
Noise Detector - TECHNI Waterjet


Up to 600% Quieter than
Hydraulic Intensifiers
Pressure Meter - TECHNI Waterjet

Lowest Costs

Up to 300% increase in HP tubing
and fitting life due to superior
pressure control

Real Efficiency Gains Means Real Savings

The below graph highlights the increasing efficiency gains achieved with the
Quantum® as the duty cycle decreases.

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The Smartest and Most
Efficient Pump on the Market
The Quantum® Electric Servo Pump incorporates core “direct servo” technology that NASA first applied for the Space Shuttle Program by replacing old-fashioned hydraulic cylinders with new, highly compact, efficient, reliable and infinitely controllable Servo Linear Actuators.

The same actuator style is used today in many high-end machine tools and presses, replacing inefficient hydraulic systems. Similarly, Quantum® is the first water jet pump manufacturer to utilize “direct servo” technology in an ultrahigh-pressure waterjet pump and has developed patented designs to integrate the core technology into the most efficient, reliable and controllable ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet cutting pump.

Actuator Cross Section

The Best of Both Worlds

Traditional waterjet pumps are categorized into two main types – intensifier pumps and direct drive crankshaft pumps. These two types offer different benefits, but both have considerable limitations.

Intensifier waterjet pumps are capable of delivering higher operating pressures, can support multiple nozzles, and can be “dead-headed” by holding pressure without any water being displaced. While dead-heading is desirable to pause or hold the cutting operation, it results in unwanted pressure spikes of up to 10% of the operating pressure, which is harmful to components and causes failure in high-pressure piping and fittings. Intensifier pumps are typically very inefficient, large and noisy.

Due to their high plunger piston speeds, direct drive crankshaft water jet pumps are not suitable for running varying pressures and are less reliable than intensifier pumps. Direct drive crankshaft pumps are smaller, quieter and more efficient but cannot dead-head and must displace the water whenever the motor is on, which is done by dumping the water over a relief valve to drain. As a result, running multiple heads or varying orifices is impractical, as the unused water and energy are wasted.

The Quantum® takes advantage of all the best features of the two existing technology pumps, while having none of their limitations.

Real Efficiency — Real Savings

The Quantum® is by far the most efficient water jet pump available on the market, delivering real efficiency gains and real savings. Direct drive crankshaft waterjet pumps have traditionally been marketed for their efficiency, however, they are only efficient while the cutting head is open and the full capacity of the pump is being used. When the head closes while the material is being loaded, unloaded, and re-loaded, or while the machine positions for the next cut, almost all of the energy is directed over a relief valve, literally sending power, water and money down the drain. Intensifier water jet pumps are inherently less efficient due to the power required to simply run the hydraulic system. They also use a large percentage of their power regardless whether cutting or idle, as the hydraulic oil is passed over a relief valve in the hydraulic system. The Quantum® only ever uses the power required for the cutting process. This means that regardless of whether the cutting head is open or closed, or the pressure or flow is reduced, there are no additional power losses.

Duty cycles equate to the percentage of time that the cutting head is open, cutting, and actually removing material. As with any profile cutting machine, a percentage of time is used to positioning the head between cuts and while sheets are being loaded and unloaded. Typical duty cycles range from 90% for heavy plate cutting, down to 20% for plastics, foams and automotive trim components. Most common waterjet applications such as metal cutting, fabrication, stone cutting, and glass cutting run at about 60% duty cycle.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint with Quantum®
The Quantum® is the most environmentally friendly, has the least effect on global warming, and has the smallest carbon footprint of any waterjet cutting pump available on the market.

The high level of efficiency achieved by the Quantum® dramatically reduces the energy consumed and the water required. For example, a typical company running a single head waterjet cutting machine with the Quantum®, for a single shift for a year will save approximately 32,000 kW hrs, saving around $6,080/year in electricity charges and reducing harmful CO2 greenhouse gases by a staggering 20 tons/yr. There are also considerable water consumption savings due to the increased efficiency. For the same example, savings of approximately 290,000 gallons/yr can be achieved, resulting in savings of around $3,019/year.

*Figures are based on a comparison with a typical 50hp intensifier pump running at 60% duty cycle.

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