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Improve Business Results – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Switch to a TECHNI Servo Pump
Around the world there is a vast array of products being cut using high-pressure water as a critical part of the manufacturing process. These products range from thick metals of any type; surface materials such as granite, quartz and ultra-compact materials; glass products; automotive components such as headliners and carpets; and even a multitude of food products – the list of products that can and are effectively processed with high-pressure water is extensive!!!
Indeed, waterjet cutting, which has been used commercially now for almost 50 years, is an extremely versatile process that is highly flexible and provides a multitude of benefits to manufacturers.
However, one of the main issues these manufacturers have had to contend with has been using hydraulic pumps to generate the required cutting pressures.

To begin with, hydraulic pumps are extremely noisy and require up to 38 gallons of hydraulic oil, much of which often ends up on the manufacturing floor due to hose leaks and other related issues; when these leaks happens, it poses both a safety and potential environmental risk for the owner.
In addition, hydraulic pumps require high levels of electricity to run and significant levels of cooling water which is often just flushed down the drain.
And these pumps operate with significant water pressure fluctuations during the cutting process, which not can cause quality issues on the parts being cut, but also leads to pre-mature component failure, unplanned production downtime and costly, ongoing repairs.
The TECHNI Quantum NXT series of pumps represent an extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

• TECHNI single motor pumps are rated to operate at 70 dB(A) – hearing protection for your employees is not required. And for those of you who have had to deal with messy hydraulic oil clean-ups and disposals, the TECHNI pump uses only 8 liters of oil for ongoing operation, a 79% reduction from what is required by equivalent hydraulic pumps.

• More than 25% more efficient when running at 100% duty cycle, and up to 50% more efficient when running at 50% duty cycle.

• Pressure fluctuations during the cutting process are typically limited to less than 1,000psi, compared to up to 5,000 for a comparable hydraulic pump.

We invite you to visit us in Booth 2335 at the upcoming WESTEC event being held Sept 12th to the 14th in the Los Angeles convention center and learn about how you can reduce your operating costs thus increasing profits, while at the same time making it much easier on our planet.

If you’re an existing waterjet user, bring us your operating information and we’ll show you just how much you can save by switching from your hydraulic pump to a TECHNI NXT Quantum servo pump. And in addition, we offer…

Guaranteed minimum $7,500 trade-in value on your existing working pump

• Financing support – same or next day approvals, $0 down, no payment for 90 days, up to 60-month payment terms

• No labor charge for the installation and training for your new pump