Westcut Engineering adds 5-axis waterjet capability

Westcut Engineering - Techni Water jet

January 2020 – It was back in 2005, that Westcut Engineering initially decided to invest in advanced waterjet cutting technology to broaden its capability, enabling customers to source increasingly complex and intricate shapes manufactured from virtually any material. This new process also allowed extremely flexible quantity requirements to be met, from rapid prototyping for development work, to full volume production. Regardless of quantity requirements, waterjet technology cost-effectively produces components to a consistent quality standard.
As waterjet cutting manufacturing equipment has advanced so much over the past 15 years, where systems now offer higher levels of capability, increased productivity and higher quality cut parts, it was in mid-2019 that the management team at Westcut Engineering made the call to invest in the latest state-of-the-art abrasive waterjet package from Techni Waterjet.

Machine Westcut | Techni Water Jet

The machine that Westcut Engineering specified was a Techjet TJ4100 which offers a 4 m x 2 m cutting area, the latest generation of Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump (ESP), abrasive removal system, submerged cutting capabilities and also included the all new PAC60 5-axis cutting head, capable of creating up to 60 degree bevels and includes a taper compensation feature. This was a particularly important feature for Westcut, as this is an area it has targeted for significant growth in the future.

Mike Scott, operations manager at Westcut Engineering says:

“With the growth of our waterjet department increasing year on year, so were our maintenance costs. I decided to research how viable it would be to invest in modernising our current machine or to simply replace it with a newer model.
Over the next 3-4 months, we spoke with several waterjet manufacturers, including AMC Jets, to identify how the market has changed and what new technologies were available going forward.”

“We decided to partner with AMC Jets and Techni by investing in a larger waterjet with a 4 m x 2 m cutting area along with the PAC 60 5-axis head. The PAC head will cut countersink holes, taper free edges and offer +/- 60-degree cuts. These additional processes were previously completed by our machine shop, but having the PAC head has freed the machine shop up extra hours each week to take on more work as well as reducing the lead time on orders.
Our goal moving forward is to grow all aspects of the business, but the investment in our waterjet department will offer new profiling methods with the capability of supporting many of the high-tech industrials based in our region.”

On Westcut Engineering’s previous machine which featured a hydraulic-driven high-pressure pump, maintenance employees had previously had to strip this down every 50 hours, for 30 minutes to change the high-pressure seals. Due to the way the latest Techni Waterjet Gen4 Quantum ESP pump is designed, Westcut Engineering can now achieve a minimum of 500 hours of cutting without any maintenance intervention. When you do need to change a high-pressure seal, it takes less than 10 minutes. This results in higher machine productivity, increased ‘uptime’ and therefore helps get orders shipped out to customers sooner. As the Quantum pump is also driven by an electric servo motor, this results in lower running costs, higher efficiencies and virtually silent operation.

Westcut Engineering

Although its new Techni Waterjet machine has only been installed for three months, AMC Jets Ltd, the authorised UK distributor for Techni Waterjet systems, has had a healthy working relationship with Westcut Engineering throughout the past decade. AMC Jets has been supplying high quality spare parts and machine servicing to the UK market for over 28 years and made the decision to collaborate alongside Techni Waterjet for waterjet sales and service in early 2017.

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