What’s In Store for Water Jet Cutters

The adoption of waterjet cutting technology has increased all over the world, which has equipped fabrication and machining shops with improved functionality for a wide range of cutting applications. Current machines have also been revamped to accommodate certain limitations, boosting the efficacy of the technology even for shops that have to navigate issues.

It is slated to only get better, with new technologies in development. Foremost among them are the following:

Uptime-Extending Features

It is common knowledge that water jet cutters and their components come with set life and load cycles; when they have logged enough time in operation, they need to be replaced. New machines on the market now come with features that are designed to extend operational functionality. Hypertherm, for instance, has introduced a new diamond orifice with a cutting lifespan that is over 1000 hours.

Stroke monitoring has also been improved for some machines, which can help facilities better track whether their machines are operating as they should. Similarly, mobile assistance is now possible from certain manufacturers, if you need handy resources that can guide you towards better utilisation of your water jet cutter.

Increased Precision and Accuracy

A common criticism against waterjet cutting is that it is not as accurate as other cutting methodologies, but recent developments have been advanced to bridge the gap and take the technology higher.

Some machines, for instance, are now designed to accelerate at twice their previous rates while ensuring better part accuracy. These boast of rapid traverse maximum speeds combined with improved linear straightness accuracies.

More Automation

There is also a greater effort to incorporate preventive maintenance models into operations, which has resulted in more automation. Some waterjet machines now have easy-to-understand graphic user interfaces so operators can easily chart whether their equipment is performing well.

There have also been upgrades to previous control suites, and facilities can now look forward to more ease and convenience in managing their fabrication and machining equipment. Solids removal systems are now automated, as well, to facilitate jewel removal after operation without causing machines to shut down.

At Techni Waterjet, we understand the importance of developing the waterjet technology to provide more positive impact to facilities and shops all over the world. This is why we make sure that we are always at the forefront of relevant and timely information that is critical to the industry. At the same time, we strive to harness this information to better design and engineer our products to better serve our client base.