The waterjet is adding value to the products we sell and bringing in new business that is attracted to the ease of buying material and having it profiled from a single source. It is also exposing us to new markets and opportunities, we now stock and sell some products that we had no exposure to previously.

David Thumath Director of HG Watercut 3 月 18, 2019

We have invested in a state-of-the-art waterjet cutting machine. As materials changed, and the industry changes, we can adapt with it. It’s really helped us to future-proof the business.

Now we can cut all manner of different materials, open up some massive different markets for us. We are now able to diversify the business.

Steve Murphy Founder of Planet Granite UK 6 月 27, 2018


“We have found that the Techni waterjet system has already been a great addition to our digital glass printing process.”

“By using the PAC 60™ (Precision Angle Control) we are able to cut perfectly straight edges or cut angles up to 60 degrees. We now have the ability to cut virtually any shape; holes and radius corners cut with ease. The waterjet is not only augmenting our glass production, but our metal fabricating process as well.”

Reggie Buehrer Owner of Window Creation LLC 3 月 9, 2018


“The Netherlands has pioneered global efforts in sustainable energy and green technology. The Quantum Servo Pump is a perfect fit."

Dirk Reedijk Owner and director of Reedyk 9 月 19, 2017


“We have enjoyed considerable consumable lifetime of almost 2000 hours and are saving money with the smaller Quantum pump compared to our sister firms who still use hydraulic intensifiers. Schippl stands for innovation and the decision to further invest in  Techni’s technology was easy to make”.  Manfred Koch, Shippl

Manfred Koch Managing Director of Shippl 9 月 1, 2017


The PAC 60™ Five Axis Cutting Head has added another arm to our business, which has opened doors to a variety of different customers.

Aaron Chambers Co-founder of Aztech Cutting Solutions 1 月 3, 2017


“There are new products in the market (Dekton & Porcelain). The best option of cutting these types of materials is a waterjet. Our supplier highly recommended we cut the material with a waterjet because it will lessen the chance to crack the material and also achieve a better finish.” Samer Hmoozi, Nasa Stones Pty Ltd

Nasa Stones Pty Ltd. 11 月 9, 2016

“We can do quite amazing things we had no chance of doing before. It’s certainly put us ahead of the game in the stone industry.” Steve Murphy, Planet Granite.

Planet Granite UK 10 月 14, 2016

Micro Pic

“The Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump doesn’t have high pressure oil leakages because it is using oil only for cooling. Compared to a hydraulic intensifier, it has fewer mechanical components connected to it, which saves on maintenance costs and the production efficiency is far better than hydraulic intensifiers at the same Kw.” Jeromy Kim, Micronox

Micronox 7 月 25, 2016

Waterjet Glass Cutter

“We have experienced 12 years of long term hassle free production from the TECHNI waterjet. We knew adding a second TECHNI Waterjet™ was the right choice because of their superior technology and the fact that they produce the waterjet, hopper and pump. Not all waterjet companies can say that. That matters to us,” stated Hedges.

DECOGLAZE Australia 9 月 10, 2015

Mears Machine

“The TECHNI Service team is exceptional. One time TECHNI Service re-routed their Service Technician to address our issues. We were back up and running within 24 hours. That’s important to us,” explained Dobbs.

Mears Machine USA 6 月 29, 2015

Triview Glass

“Our TECHNI Waterjet makes creating projects faster and simpler, which in turn makes it easier to please our clients, who are and always will be our number one priority,” stated President & CEO of Triview Glass Industries, LLC, Alex Kastaniuk.

Triview Glass Industries, LLC. City of Industry, CA 4 月 14, 2015

Brenner 2

We did a comparison with an identical machine running on the same parts (same nozzle quantity, same pressure, etc.). We achieved a reduction of energy of approx. 22% in comparison to a competitor’s pump. - Mario Brenner, Managing Director of Brenner GmbH & Co.

Brenner GmbH & Co. Dillingen-Fristingen, Germany 2 月 23, 2015

Brownhills Glass"The fact that TECHNI Waterjet™ only manufactures waterjets gave us more confidence in their reliability, and of course the price was attractive. We have no issues. TECHNI Waterjet™ is helpful and knowledgeable about the product,” said Brownhills Glass Co. Ltd Managing Director, Tim Price.

Brownhills Glass Co. Ltd. Aldridge, England 12 月 15, 2014


“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and your water jet pump is unquestionably one of those.”

Jose Munoz Waterjet Design 12 月 15, 2014

tritech solutions

It can cut up to 6 inches thick, anything you put on here it will cut it.

TriTech Solutions Appomattox, Virginia 12 月 12, 2014


“Our TECHNI Waterjet has given us more opportunities in our shop as we are quoting more jobs than ever before.  One major advantage is the PAC 60 Five-Axis Cutting Head, which has allowed us to bevel cut and quote closer tolerance work for our customers.”

Ferrill-Fisher Inc. Indiana, USA 11 月 6, 2014

Natural Stone Creations

“With a 6x10 sheet of aluminum and a 1” diameter part, I will start it at night and go home to get some sleep. The next morning I’ll come in and thousands of parts are ready to be put in the box.” Dan Hickey, Owner

Natural Stone Creations USA 8 月 16, 2014


“I can’t believe how quiet the Quantum waterjet pump is from TECHNI, this piece of equipment has not added any unnecessary noise to our production floor” John Kaias, Director

Abcor Australia 12 月 15, 2013

cr manufacturing

"It saves on scrap parts and cuts down on wasted time by alerting us if the nozzle is clogged or if we run out of abrasive. This allows you to walk away and perform other tasks while the machine is running," said Operator Bryan Tyree.

C & R Manufacturing Shawnee, Kansas 11 月 6, 2013


The Intec-G2 and QUANTUM NXT™ has reduced costs and given us a new ability to solve challenges in manufacturing. It has also given us quicker response to time sensitive projects.

Meyer Enterprises USA 11 月 5, 2013


I don't ever want to run my shop without a TECHNI Waterjet™ ever again. I don't know how I functioned without one.

Robby Gordon NASCAR Racing 10 月 5, 2013

jet cut australia

Because it's so efficient, we are able to cut faster without the need to upgrade our power supply from the utilities company.

JET CUT Australia Australia 10 月 3, 2013