Case Study
Cashcor Engineering

Why Cashcor engineering is adding a second waterjet cutter after 15 years from purchasing their first Techni machine

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Be able to cope with larger projects

Increase profit margin

Extend customer base and secure larger contracts


Improved machine capabilities, flexibility and cut quality

Highly efficient technology with low operational costs

Ability to produce more complex geometries, and accommodate larger material sheets

Industry of Reference and Business Model

Cashcor Engineering is a general engineering workshop, providing specialized service in the areas of design and fabrication of steel, stainless steel and aluminum products, section rolling, pipe and tube bending, plate rolling, pressing, guillotine, precision waterjet cutting and driveline services.

For more than 38 years, Cashcor have been honing their skills and providing professional workshop and fabrication services. The Cashcor business is locally owned and managed by Brett Cahill & Tony Cuda.

Brett and Tony have introduced new services to the repertoire in recent years and managed to keep many of the same team of dedicated and professional staff to keep the wheels turning and keeping customers happy.

A big part in this long-term success has been the long-term use of a Techni Waterjet cutter. Cashcor has over 15 years’ experience in profile waterjet cutting.

“There is nothing we haven’t cut or tried to cut giving us a significant understanding of how to best set the machine to achieve the best finish at the right price for the job.”

– Brett Cahill, co-owner of Cashcor Engineering.

Keep innovating and don’t get left behind

Cashcor first purchased a Techjet™ 3000 (1.5 x 3 meter) Techni Waterjet cutter with an intensifier pump back in 2005.

Now, 15 years later, they went with a bigger machine, the Intec™G2 i713 (2 x 4 meter) accompanied with the Quantum® ESP37/66 GEN 4 Electric Servo Pump.
Their machine is equipped with optional linear scale feedback which through a laser-calibrated digital interferometer, maps the entire cutting area allowing the motion system to deliver positional accuracy of ±0.05mm/m (0.002″).

 Brett further discusses the benefits of working with Techni:

“The new machine is every bit of 15 years newer technology, and we’re excited about learning all the new features.

During the purchasing process, we were amazed at the flexibility the team at Techni offered. Through our long-term partnership, we were able to customise the machine to match our requirements! For example, Techni arranged to colour the machine to our preference, which was the beautiful green colour they originally were using on their machines.”

Cashcor Engineering i713 Waterjet Machine

What Prompted Cashcor to Return to Techni for Their Second Waterjet

Brett Cahill stated:

“With experience and know-how built over a 30-year period, the Techni team was a major factor in the purchasing decision. We knew adding a second Techni Waterjet was the right choice because of the successful long term relationship we already have in place, and their ongoing technological innovations.

The new electric pump itself is already starting to deliver on huge power cost savings.”

Cashcor Engineering Waterjet Pump

Real Benefits and Peace of Mind

Waterjet cutting process allows for rapid set up times, no tooling and reduced need for secondary operations due to its accuracy and quality of the cut edge.

Cashcor Engineering can count on the most advanced technology available, which translates into operation simplicity, efficiency and reliability.