When waterjet cutting technology was developed, its use was limited to cutting soft materials such as paper and rubber. This technology found success soon after, being very good at this job.

No one might have imagined what waterjet cutting would be capable of decades later. In this day and age, waterjet cutting technology can do a lot more than cutting materials.

Besides being able to pierce even the thickest blocks of metal like steel, waterjet cutting can even create intricate designs in any materials.

For instance, you might have seen beautiful geometric shapes in stones such as marble. These are created with the help of water jet cutting.

One of the resultant evolution of the waterjet technology is the 5-axis waterjet cutting. In this article, we will have an in-depth discussion about what this technology is and how it will benefit your business.

Let us get into the subject matter right away:

What is 5-axis Waterjet Cutting?

Traditional cutting methods including early waterjet cutters were limited to 3-axis working. These axes were the X axis, Y axis, and the Z axis. These enabled the waterjet cutting tools to create the linear cuts on any material as required.

However, fabricators realize that waterjet cutting is a vast field with many applications in addition to cutting, such as bevels, contouring, chamfering, and more. For this purpose, the movement axis of waterjet cutting services was expanded.

In 5-axis waterjet cutting, the cutter moves in two additional axes besides the three traditional ones, making a total of 5-axis movement.

These 5-axis are:

  1. X-axis: The X-axis creates movement of the carriage in the direction of the cross beam. You can think of this as the left and right movement.
  2. Y-axis: The Y-axis creates movement of the cross beam in the direction of the side beams. You can think of this as the front and back movement.
  3. Z-axis: The Z axis adjusts the height of the cutting head, making it higher or lower. To put it simply, it creates the up and down movement of the cutter.
  4. A-axis: The A-axis tilts the cutting head to create cutting angles. The purpose of this is to create bevels. The cutting angles are limited to 60 degrees.
  5. C-axis: The C-axis creates the rotation of the cutting head around the Z-axis. This enables to cut an entire round shape.

What is the Benefit of 5-axis Waterjet Cutting over Conventional 3-axis Waterjet Cutting?

There are many reasons that make the 5-axis waterjet cutting services better than the traditional cutting methods, most notably the 3-axis waterjet cutting services.

These reasons are:


First and foremost, 5-axis waterjet cutters can do everything that 3-axis waterjet cutters are capable of.

However, the vice versa isn’t true. There are a lot of operations of 5-axis waterjet cutters that cannot be done by 3-axis waterjet cutters.

Therefore, 5-axis waterjet cutting can create linear two-dimensional as well three-dimensional cuts. However, 3-axis waterjet cutting can only create linear two-dimensional cuts.

Complex Cutting:

With the addition of the A-axis and the C-axis, the capabilities of 5-axis waterjet cutting enable it to create complex cutting angles. These cutting angles are used in creating bevels and chamfers.


Due to the addition of more axis, there is more freedom of movement of the cutting head. The head is no longer restricted to linear motions, which enables it to take the shortest distance possible and create a high-speed cutting operation.

Additionally, 3-axis waterjet cutters require secondary processes for many operations, leading to delays. However,5-axis waterjet cutting can accomplish these processes on the waterjet cutter itself.

Reduced Manual Labor:

During welding, metal parts go through processes like beveling and chamfering so that they can be optimally joined together. Manual labor is spent on the parts to make them ready for welding.

However, with 5-axis waterjet cutting, the final pieces come out of the machine ready to be welded right away. This reduces the requirements for manual labor significantly.

Which Industry Utilizes 5-axis Waterjet Cutting Technology?

There are many industries where 5-axis waterjet cutting has become the most integral fabrication process. Some of these industries are:


The aerospace industry requires high precision cutting technology to create 3-D parts for space equipment. Additionally, the materials to be cut are some of the toughest metals, fibers, alloys, and much more.

Therefore, 5-axis waterjet cutting technology is the ideal fit for this industry. Not only is it able to provide high-precision 3-D parts, but it can also cut through the hardest materials used in the industry.


In the R&D sector, these machines are commonly employed to provide prototypes for models. Creating prototypes with this technology provides a precise estimate taking scale into account. Additionally, the ability of this tech to create complex shapes is particularly helpful.


In the automobile sector, five-axis water jet cutting is utilized to create 3-D spare parts for vehicles, such as various gears and engine components. The added benefit is that this technology can create small as well as large parts with ease.


This technology is also used to create 3-dimensional art pieces of different materials, used for decor. Art waterjet is commonly employed in the architecture and interior designing sector for aesthetics.

Fabrication Workshops:

These machines are often employed by fabricators for weld preparation and other cutting requirements. It is a good chance that the parts of any project you get done through fabricators go through a Techniwaterjet’s waterjet cutter.

The Best 5-axis Water jet Cutter

If you are in the market for a new 5-axis abrasive cutting machine and wonder which one to choose, the answer is simple. Techniwaterjet’s waterjet cutting machine is the preferred method for any small to large-scale professional workshop.

5-Axis Waterjet Cutter from Techni Waterjet

The reasons for this are plenty, the most common ones being:


Techniwaterjet’s 5-axis abrasive substance cutters, especially the Intec G2 CNC Waterjet Machines, are capable of any cutting operation and application. From kitchen countertops to shower frameless panels, from metal artworks to tools and fences, these machines can make anything.

Ease of Use

These machines are not something you will need a college degree to operate. These are very user-friendly, easy-to-use equipment that does not require any special training or specialized operators.

Complimentary Software

These machines come with free software to control them. The software has preloaded features that you can load with a single click to automatically create the cut shape you require.

Dedicated Service:

After-sales services are one of the most important factors that you should consider when buying heavy-duty equipment. Techniwaterjet provides dedicated after-sales services, with immediate support whenever you require it. This means that there will be no downtimes for your machine.

Sturdy Build Quality:

At Techniwaterjet, our motto is to provide the best build quality in any product we offer. There are no cutting corners, everything is made with the best materials and with great attention to detail.


Buying a 5-axis waterjet cutting machine might be the best business decision you make, regardless of the sector in which you operate.

Whether it is about fulfilling your own project requirements or about providing fabrication services to clients, these machines are the best solution for everything.

However, to enjoy all the benefits of this technology that we mentioned, make sure that you buy a high-quality product such as Techniwaterjet’s 5-axis waterjet cutters.

Get in touch with Techniwaterjet (+1 913 492 3700) and our technical expert will guide you with the details and answer any questions that you might have about the technology or specific solutions you need for your production.

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