Waterjet Glass Cutting

[Video shows cutting of glass using waterjet and what our customers have to say about different aspects of our Waterjet Cutting Machine and our 24 hour customer support.]

Glass Master – TECHNI Waterjet Glass Cutting.

I made the best decision of my life to buy a TECHNI Waterjet.

– Simple, Easy to Operate.

The waterejet offers great deal more flexibility over CNC.

– It is faster and has more flexibility over traditional glass CNC.

Nothing is impossible with a waterjet.

– Cutting of electrical power outlet in just 30 seconds. Software With Standard Glass Objects. Waterjet can easily cut thick, laminated and bullet resistant glass.

This splashback industry relies almost entirely on waterjet cutting.

All our glasses are capable of being pre-processed, because the water jet is so precise in what it can do to a splashback, a toughened safety door, a mirror, to the strictest tolerances to any customers requirements. And basically what this has done for us is that it has allowed us to improve output considerably.

– Rubber slats to resist scratching and frosting.

That we were lucky enough to fall into very innovative company called TECHNI Waterjet.”

– 24 hours support and customer service.

3 or 7 O’clock at night and when you get their support, it is just unbelievable. Incredible, within half an hour we had the technician here; and it was all done. Just fantastic.

– Simple To Operate Patented Design EZY-LOAD

And it solved lots and lots of problems in some complex glass cutting machine.

The difference is phenomenal, the savings tremendous.

Glass Master – Proudly manufactured by TECHNI Waterjet.

Thank you to :

Ted Oberg – Sydney Glass
Lee Thurbon – Bevelite
Jim Kriaris – Dream Haven Glass