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i35 – G2®

i35-G2 | Small Cantilever

CUTTING SIZE: 915 x 1525 mm

High-Pressure Waterjet Cutter
Cantilever Style Machine

i510 – G2®

i510-G2 | Medium Cantilever

CUTTING SIZE: 1525 x 3050 mm

High-Pressure Waterjet Cutter
Cantilever Style Machine

i612 – G2®

i612-G2 | Large Cantilever

CUTTING SIZE: 1830 x 3660 mm

High-Pressure Waterjet Cutter
Cantilever Style Machine

i613 – G2®

i613-G2 | Monoblock

CUTTING SIZE: 1700 x 3700 mm

High-Pressure Waterjet Cutter
Monoblock Style Machine

i713 – G2®

i713-G2 | Smaller Gantry

CUTTING SIZE: 2000 x 4000 mm

High-Pressure Waterjet Cutter
Gantry Style Machine

i815 – G2®

i815-G2 | Medium Gantry

CUTTING SIZE: 2350 x 4750 mm

High-Pressure Waterjet Cutter
Gantry Style Machine


i1020-G2 | Large Gantry

CUTTING SIZE: 3050 x 6100 mm

High-Pressure Waterjet Cutter
Gantry Style Machine

i1033 – G2®

i1033-G2 | XLarge Gantry

CUTTING SIZE: 10000 x 3000 mm

High-Pressure Waterjet Cutter
Gantry Style Machine

Case Study
Laser Wizard

Laser Wizard is an Australian family-owned laser cutting business based in Western Sydney, and servicing clients throughout Australia.

Lazer Wizard Banner - TECHNI Waterjet
Ron Thomson started Laser Wizard in 1999 with a single laser cutting machine. Over the years, all profits were reinvested into high quality CNC waterjet and laser cutting machines that could cut fast and accurately. Today, the highly successful company has over 30 employees and has expanded into a full service cutting and fabrication business with a 4,000 square metre manufacturing facility.

Ron’s sons, Lawrence, and Muir joined the Laser Wizard team and their combined skills mean that they now provide more than just laser cutting. As well as remaining the laser cutter of choice for many Sydney clients, Laser Wizard also performs precision CNC waterjet cutting.

Laser Wizard first purchased a Techjet 3000 (1.5 x 3 Meter) TECHNI Waterjet® cutter with an intensifier pump back in 2007. Now, 13 years later, they went with a bigger machine, the Intec™G2 713 (2 x 4 Meter) accompanied with the Quantum ESP 37/66 GEN 4 Electric Servo Pump. They also upgraded to the PAC 60™ Five-Axis Cutting Head which has added a competitive advantage to their business.

Quantum NXT and PAC 60 - TECHNI Waterjet

“Adding the PAC 60™ has changed the way we do business due to its versatility. We have been able to make more precise cuts and even able to cut parts on our new waterjet that we would have previously machined, saving our customers and ourselves time and money,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence further discussed the benefits of the pump upgrade. “The main difference we see between the old intensifier pump and the new Techni Quantum pump is the saving on the power bills. With the efficiency of the new pump, we are saving around $6000 a year which is having a great impact on our bottom line. Another added benefit is the significant noise reduction”.

Ultimately, what prompted Laser Wizard to return to TECHNI for their second waterjet? “We had experienced exceptional, long term service support from TECHNI. We knew adding a second TECHNI Waterjet was the right choice because of their service support, and their ongoing technological innovations,” stated Lawrence.