Case Study
MD Maintenance

MD Maintenance selects TECHNI Waterjet for their business startup partner.

MD Maintenance
MD Maintenance Pty Ltd is a family owned and run business, operating since 2018. The business was founded by Michael, a South African fabricator newly arrived from Johannesburg with his wife, (Cindy) daughters, (Skyla & Storm) and son (JD). Building customized fabrication solutions and innovations for major businesses and general clientele who appreciate high quality yet competitively priced workmanship in a timely manner.

MD Maintenance are the product of the owner’s passion and commitment to build durable, reliable, cost-effective, on time fabricated designs for businesses and individuals looking for excellent craftsmanship.
Now, they needed a waterjet system to work as hard and efficient as they did. Therefore, Michael reached out to TECHNI Waterjet® to organize a demo. Michael visited TECHNI to evaluate a live waterjet and he knew immediately this was the product and company he had been searching for.

“I left TECHNI and was excited about what I saw. I was impressed with the quality of the product. Seeing the Quantum® Electric Servo Pump and the PAC60™ in operation was truly what I was hoping to find. I have been doing my research and TECHNI comes highly recommended,” stated Michael.

Therefore, after extensive research, Michael purchased his first TECHNI Waterjet® Electric Servo Pump.

Also, just recently they upgraded their system to the PAC60™ Five-Axis Cutting Head which has added a competitive advantage to their business.

“Adding the PAC60™ has changed the way we do business due to its versatility. We have been able to make more precise cuts and even able to cut parts on our new waterjet that we would have previously machined, saving our customers and ourselves time and money,” stated Michael.

Ultimately, what prompted Michael to partner with TECHNI?

TECHNI is a global company that has been around for 31 years. It has sold more than 1800 waterjets worldwide in that time. With TECHNI investing in high quality Service Technicians with more than 20 years’ experience and knowing TECHNI was the manufacture of the total Waterjet system, including software, this gave MD Maintenance the confidence TECHNI was the right choice for them, and they could see that throughout the whole process.