Abrasive Pump And Hopper - 500 kg (1100lbs)

500 kg (1100lbs)

Abrasive Pump And Hopper - 2000 kg (4400lbs)

2000 kg (4400lbs)

The abrasive pump and hopper system incorporate a revolutionary design abrasive pump, which eliminates all mechanical moving parts from coming into contact with the abrasive material (Garnet). This ensures uninterrupted abrasive flow to the cutting head for many 1000’s of hours, with no maintenance. The hinged lid on the hopper system allows easy access to inspect and fill at any time, without the need to de-pressurize. The clear pump chamber allows a quick visual to ensure abrasive is present and flowing correctly.

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  • Ease of loading, due to its height and hinged lid.
  • Continuous operation with no down time, as there is no need to de-pressurize.
  • Minimized cutting head blockages, thanks to the built in filter screen.
  • Multiple machines can be run from a single pump/hopper system (up to 5).
  • Safer, as only a very small amount of abrasive requires pressurization.
  • Virtually NO MAINTENANCE, as no mechanical moving parts come into contact with the abrasive

Video Of Abrasive Pump And Hopper System