Skip and FloatSheet materials are often subject to warping. The Skip and Float™ feature will ensure the cutting head is maintained at an optimal standoff height above the material being cut (via the float mechanism). Without this feature, warped material can cause the cutting head to get too close to or even touch the material being cut, creating a blockage of the cutting head. If the standoff gets too large, the cut quality will be reduced, or may not cut through the material.
The skip function automatically raises the cutting head well above the material when rapid traversing between cuts. This ensures that the cutting head cannot catch on a cut part which may have tilted and rose above the material. This will ensure that the focusing tube isn’t broken and the work piece isn’t moved or damaged.

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  • Allows machine to accept warped material
  • Ensures efficient cutting due to minimized, constant standoff.
  • Reduces risk of crashing on warped materials
  • Clamping reduced, with no need to pull the material flat.

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